Collabora Online Weekly #86

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #86

Date: Aug 18 2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Ezinne, Gokay, Nick W, Luna, Rashesh, Thorsten, Nicolas, Pranam, Skyler, Raul

Nicolas (Adfinis)

  • The following issue bugs some of our team as we work with document properties in our template(s):
    • Can't edit file properties · Issue #1951 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
    • Nick: Nearly done. Basic dialogs are done. One core patch to go.
      • Probably: Password protected and also the digital signature (maybe) will be disabled
      • Gokay: It will then be available in the CODE (probably next) and then once it’s stable goes to stable release
      • Merged without custom properties
      • Cypress tests update


Release schedule (Gokay)

  • Planing minor release for COOL and CODE next week
  • Next CODE (and maybe COOL) release will probably be in 3 weeks

Nextcloud bits (Raul)

* **Decision:**
  * have a secret access token in the URL to access NC’s RemoteConfig
  * RemoteConfig will send another access token back to use convert-to.
  * **AI:** file a ticket (Kendy)
  * Ticket on Nextcloud:
  * Conference

  * Enhancements for the security view. Possible to share file allowing only viewing and not downloading. For local and remote users.
* Now→ focusing on UX. Improvements on the integration soon to be.
  * Calc but also other apps other than writer
* Maintenance packages are out already except for the Nextcloud 22 compatible
* Julius away for the performance week
* Raul: found an issue with download icon being visible even when it shouldn’t
  * PR already already merged:
* Raul: Another issue with save as being visible when it shouldn’t
* Pedro: Dark mode affecting when it shouldn’t
  * Currently dark mode is disabled in CO (development happening in feature/dark-mode branch )
  * Julius will look at this next week

Forum (Pedro)

  • Pedro: not so much time to check forum
  • Aron: CODE repositories had a bit of a hickup
    • It seems we were trying to save some space by avoiding duplicating between Core side for COOL and CODE
      Gokay: We now have the need to have different core version for COOL and CODE
      • Task already created, Yunusemre will comment on that also awaiting for Andras’s input
    • The repositories are not empty anymore, it is fixed for this release
    • wwe (Isdnfan) is been quite busy answering forum posts :slight_smile: Thanks!

GitHub activity (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • WIP Jsdialog tab cosmetic improvements
  • Download as (group)
    • When coolwsd.xml group_download_as is switched on
    • Now it’s dropdown with an icon
      • Custom “false” uno command
  • Also some more UX improvements to the scrollbars

Other ongoing work

  • Kendy: Mert is finishing DeepL bits.
  • Pranam: Fixed all the issues related to comments
    • back to kubernets
  • Szymon: noticed a couple of JSDialogs problems and fixed that
    • Fixed an annoying comment problem with empty popups (bubbles)
    • Now working on scrollbars → how they move in calc
  • Continuing working on rendering issues on impress. Missing unit tests and some oher multi-user bugs to fix
  • Szymon: Autofilter bugs on 22.05 fixed
  • Skyler: Converting now dialogs to JSDialogs.
    • Now number format dialog almost ready
    • Insert caption on the way as well → then its subdialogs
    • Scrollbar improvements
    • Also on improving scroll bar railway
  • Ezinne: Probably worth to check scroll behaviour proposals
  • Rashesh: Working on mentions
    • Already some working bits on writer!


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