Collabora Online Weekly #88

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #88

Date: Sept 1 2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Gokay, Nick W, Rashesh, Thorsten, Mert, Skyler, Gabriel, Raul, Gulsah, Kendy


Gabriel (1&1)

  • We release 21 version, already live (1 month ago)
  • There are almost 0 lost kit processes !
    • Spent some time investigating the count was right.
      • 1 lost only in a month.
    • Commit from Ash related to closing the cnx to the document relating to load issues.
  • Better performance
  • Some segmentation fault issues on document conversion
    • Still investigating
  • Really good experience :slight_smile:
  • Probably will be back with more contributions
  • Found some crashes (more than the previous version) (most of them related to conversion)
    • Still investigating and trying to find out possible fix
    • It seem there are some core related crashes
    • Reduce differences between our versions and community
    • Minor upgrade → then we will see if the crashes persist
  • Issue: Collabora Online not sending close (it closes by in the response does not send close)
    • Our proxy fails. Idea: adding close to the connection header
    • Kendy: Please ping Ashod (via email) if necessary

Release schedule (Gokay)

  • CODE version in ~ 2 weeks

Nextcloud bits (Raul)

* Working on dropping an .ini file in top-level Nextcloud sync folders so that the desktop client can interact with locking / desktop / collaborative editing as the user chooses
  * Tor working to read / interpret this and tweak the UI to better integrate
  * some potential issues getting authentication tokens for LibreOffice – so deferring this ot the next step.
  * Julius talking to client team about auth issues.
* Today new richdocuments release for NC 22
* **Pending conver-to tokens:**

    * Ticket on Nextcloud:
* Pedro: Dark mode affecting when it shouldn’t
  * Currently dark mode is disabled in CO (development happening in feature/dark-mode branch )
    * Julius needs to look at this in richdocuments
      * needs two fixes: one for the most recent version
      * plus one for previous versions.
    * Perhaps cut out the dark-mode completely since older richdocuments have problems there.

Forum (Pedro)

GitHub activity (Pedro)

  • Gulsah started to work on Avatar improvements (stop following when the user starts to type)
    • Now working on keyevent handle → stops following → done and merged
    • Already onto something new, fixing cursor width when view is zoomed in
      • When we zoom in via browser the cursor becomes wider even though the characters stay the same
      • Already know where the cursor height is at but still need to further investigation
        • Need to better debug and distinguish between browser VS document zoom (API scale)

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • There was effort on removing CSS left and right, WRT buttons
    • Vex buttons also fixed
    • Updated cypress
    • Fixed problem testing bottom toolbar
  • Group download as coolwsd option → have PR that changes the default the value to true
  • I have been working on how we generate the html for the jsdialogs → jsssidebar
    • Push into a dev forum topic

Other ongoing work

  • Mert: Abi is been working on a new SDK example on .NET

    • Now Abi is trying to the upload endpoint
    • Mert → after that it will be done
    • Abi also added in code documentation (via comments)
  • Mert → trying to make Async file properties save with password

    • Uses some interactuon handling sync , not working at the moment
  • Kendy: Mert is finishing DeepL bits.

    • Kendy: will review core
    • Kendy: gerrit got updated with new patches. Will review that and then will get merge
    • WRT to online part maybe Szymon: DeepL translation integration by merttumer · Pull Request #5096 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
      • Also added icon and now waiting for core part to be merged
    • Already finished. But improvements to go
    • WRT mentions Rash is trying to make ongoing mentions work
      • Investigated what it seems to be done in other places
      • Maybe smarter to do most of the heavy lifting in the online side (JS) instead of always go to core and back
      • When you type some text the popup appears unless arrow is pressed. We can rely solely on the hidden input field instead of checking core side always.
      • Still code bits that were added by Rash will be useful for other corner cases
  • Pranam: Fixed all the issues related to comments

    • back to kubernets
    • work on improving sidebar on impress (multiple users)
  • Szymon: noticed a couple of JSDialogs problems and fixed that

    • Smaller JSDIALOG fixes: treeview checkbox state; spinner fixes (on chrome based browsers the hover status was activating the wrong button)
      • Unifying cypress tests for spinner (desktop and mobile)
    • Impress Master slide view fixes for multiple users
      • Split changes into smaller pieces so it’s safe and it is now ready for review
      • Slide view is now fixed
      • Assertion to be solved
    • Scrollbares: Improving scrolling behaviour (calc only)
      • Scroll depending on the existing content
      • Next: possible to scroll cell by cell via arrow buttons
  • Continuing working on rendering issues on impress. Missing unit tests and some other multi-user bugs to fix

  • Nick

    • Exporting as PDF dialogi→ async
      • File picker → we don’t have → need to figure out how to implement that
  • Skyler: Converting now dialogs to JSDialogs.

    • Now number format dialog converted
    • Insert caption on the way as well → then its subdialogs is done
    • On going: converting the last leaflet dialog into jsdialog : repair document
      • Converted, Cypress tests adjusted byt still some other to go
    • Good to create a github ticket on improving documentation on APIs in editors.
  • Christopher is working on improving the admin console

    • With help of Pranam we will have an aditional tab on the admin console
  • Abi is working on anew SDK example (.NET)

  • Michael

    • Prometheus – getMetrics
      • exposing WOPI documents, WOPISRC, pid, accounting per process
      • repeat lots of these per doc:
        doc_is_saved{pid=123} true
        doc_memory_used_bytes{pid=123} 1024000
        doc_cpu_used_seconds{pid=123} 517
        doc_download_seconds{pid=123} 3
        doc_opened_time_seconds{pid=123} 1234
        doc_upload_seconds{pid=123} 5
        doc_wopi_host{pid=123} “”
        doc_wopi_host{pid=123} “”
        doc_active_views{pid=123} 3
      • love some feedback on that
        • don’t know too much either (Gabriel)
          • was request from operations team.
          • Advice
            • don’t use attributes.
            • Info should be only statistical
        • will only be in master/22.05 (Michael)
          • advice / input apprecitaed.
    • zstd → hacked this up in a couple of hours: working nicely
    • coolstress testing tool:
      • already have this internally in the build tree - coolstress
      • written a short man page – will make that an installed tool soon.
      • not (yet) a beautiful / elegant production tool.

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