Collabora Online Weekly #113

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #113

Date: Mar 23rd 2023

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  • Pedro, Gülşah, Andras, Cosmin, Aron, Szymon, Timur, Thorsten

Release schedule (Andras)

  • CODE 22.05.12 release was done last week
    • +1 respin on Monday
    • Just in time for NC 26 launch (Pick Link)
    • Yet another respin is planned tomorrow together with COOL 22.05.12 release (bugfixes)
  • 23.05 is been used on staging


  • Trying to setup CO with oCIS but a bit difficult, documentation seems small
  • Pedro: Yes, I had the same problem also looking into this
    • Nicolas: I got it working but I needed to get an older CODE docker image and it now works.
      • Sent Email. Thanks!
  • Spent some time testing iOS
    • So far looks nice, still some work is needed
    • still some rough edges. We need to maybe address some blockers (need to double check the saving)
    • Produce a list of the last blockers to fix before releasing over 21.11 form Testflight.
  • Testing dialogs and reporting on GitHub:
  • Next: test the languageTool improvements from Mike
    • logging and the possibility to have multiple languages in the same document
    • Also inlcude fallback in the case that particular locale is non existent. Example: PT-PT → PT-BR
    • Still building from master

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • User mentions pull request is in progress → merged
    • Also some fixes from Collabora Online entered and will be available in the release
    • Julius is taking over and it should be available in the next NC 26 release, annouced
  • Zotero improvements (richdocuments side)
    • Julius pushed a new PR, Pedro → revieweed , nice NC popup implemented, needs to reload the page. Szymon also fixed the api check
    • All done, including Szymon’s latest fix on Collabora Online side

Community (Pedro)

Community: Dark mode

  • Dark mode branch was rebased → it should get merged after releases provided that we have the toggle working
  • Paris got the rendering working for multiple views with different settings
    • not just dark mode, but non-printing characters etc.
    • nice new features coming for 23.05
    • so far writer only – Calc & Impress/Draw need some rendering re-factoring …
    • Online dark mode branch is now merged

GitHub activity (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • WIP PR from FOSDEM on keyboard navigation bet tabs (Pedro)
    • I asked Gokay to just use it in his own big keyboard nav PR
  • Find and replace dialog improvements
  • Now it’s possible to use the integrators dialog on mobile (focus is not stolen anymore)
  • Mention popup fixes
  • Make sure uibutton have box sizing set

Gabriel (1&1)

  • I look into browser: add last modification timeout setting by alessioalex-1and1 · Pull Request #4195 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub I will then rebase
  • Multiple savings (in unmodified documents) in between very short chunks of time (seconds. there is no pattern. The document is identical, identical metadata. Connection closes and then reopens → then it saves. Is not something continuous (maybe between the browser and our infrastructure, maybe the client keep trying to connect)
    • Cosmin: I was able to reproduce this sometimes by closing the socket
  • Dynamic change to the log level
    • it takes some time to go online
    • Admin console module is now enabled and we will use it to trigger the dynamic change
    • nothing unusual showed up
  • Save on exit is activated → due to an issue we detected on calc (when editing a cell) and it seems it was the easiest way to “fix it”
    • The document is save inside of core and then an identical version (just the timestamp differs) is uploaded, still unsure why this is happening
    • Michael: is it doing repeated save from the core process? Or is a repeated upload? For the look of it it could be an issue with coolwsd process
  • Save at the fix intervals scenarios disappeared
  • Now added extra flags in the console so we can try to identify/understand better what is happening
    • Michael: Where is it? Can you push it, it seems very useful
  • Added extra information re: log-level etc. … for Kit & coolwsd …
    • would be nice to log just for one specific DocumentBroker (Michael)
      • currently not possible – due to Poco logging.
  • Fix re: slow-start of COW bits … (Gabriel)
    • some topology number of pods / pictures of infra would be great too ! (Michael)
  • Cosmin: we were able to deploy a new version and now we have the dynamic log level change
    • Confirmed: will be at COOL Days

LibreOffice conference (Gabriel)

COOL Days 2023

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