Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #10

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #10

Date: Jan 28, 2021

Next meeting: Feb 04, 2021

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Nicolas, Yunusemre, Pranam, Ezinne, Gabriel, Thorsten, Gokay, Kendy, Andras, Pedro, Aron

CSV handling (Pedro)

  • Still talking to Rizmut to get github setup, but have different timezones

    • concern is the build-process, not needed for this …
  • He has created the icon, we should also help to get him setup to push.

  • created an easy-hack for this #1020

Template Contest (Nicolas)

Managing templates in Online (Andreas K)

  • Filed LibreOffice ticket for an XSLT filter to remove locales from templates (Ezinne)

    • extracted what is needed from the templates, talked to Mike K around creating the easy hack

    • tdf#139891

JSON Toolbar / Notebookbar changes (Kendy)

Dynamic changes of Toolbar type (Gabriel)

  • didn’t have time to work on core

  • Will work on those when he has time,

Bind Mounting / Hard-linking (Gabriel)

  • Pending a re-work, we have a single jail setup before we spawn children (Michael)

    • so there is less chance for racing.
  • re-render the fonts pre-fork …

CanvasTileLayer bits (Gokay)

  • About to merge the row/column groups & headers directly to the canvas

  • Waiting for the cypress tests to complete.

  • Next is custom scrollbar.

    • Can’t use a native scrollbar (Kendy)

      • need to draw something yourself to replace mcustomscrollbar.
  • Moving more bits to typescript

  • Dennis working on selection layer re-work pieces

Icon theming (css class names) (Andreas K)

  • Checks if he can come up with a Soln’ using CSS variables inside SVGs

    • problems with embedded images / objects.

    • Prefer not to use embedded (Pedro)

      • can bring some other headaches; embedded a black-hole
  • first step test with different elements

    • can help with testing on other devices (Pedro)

      • need to check compat.
  • If this fails, we can fall-back to using re-writing in loolwsd
    itself but perhaps easier to use the browser.

Load testing (Michael)

  • jsdom + canvas watcher – pushed.

    • ‘coolstress’ tool is there.

Async Saving (Kendy)

  • Slowly merging the re-factor pieces and new infrastructure.

  • Working on the state-machine, multiple classes

    • one will track the status of the document itself, if it is loaded / not-loaded

    • separate tracking of up-load status

  • Mostly moving scattered flags into classes.

Pull requests in need of attention (Kara)

Jolla/Sailfish Phone Hardware – gift

  • for first credible person to port / test on it – no bites so far …

Lightning Talks (Thorsten)

  • Shout out - FOSDEM lightning talk slots still available :slight_smile:

  • poke with your idea until this Sunday …

  • get signed up on the Pentabarf system quick (easy to do) so we can get people registered.

The Forum is great (Pedro)

  • Lots of nice answers to questions there, can we make it more visible / reach-able ?

  • Share the topics here more often ? Or on twitter …

  • perhaps in the help menu ? (Michael)

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, February 04, 2021 at 11:00 am (UTC)