Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #8

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #8

Date: Jan 14, 2020

Next meeting: Jan 21, 2021


Nicolas, Michael, Muhammet, Ezinne, Szymon, Cor, Andras, Kendy,

Thorsten, Gabriel, Gokay, Andrew Lee, Aron, Pedro

Quick update (Muhammet)

  • Meeting minutes are now on the forum:

  • if you’d like notifications – just enable E-mail notifications – the Bell icon on the top right.

    • All minutes until now are published there.
  • Weekly roundups paused for Christmas, but expect the next on Monday.

CSV handling (Pedro)

  • Will have some sort of non-final default icon for this, and poke at the download JS

  • Rizal can add the icon to this.

  • created an easy-hack for this #1020

    • Rizal accepted and is creating an icon

Template Contest (Nicolas)

Managing templates in Online (Andreas K)

  • Better templates for Nextcloud / richdocuments – file ticket for Julius (Kendy)

  • AI: File LibreOffice ticket for an XSLT filter to remove locales from templates (Kendy)

    • pending.

Toolbar / Notebookbar changes (Kendy)

  • Pedro did some work, Andreas had some better handling of disable icons

    • worked together in the same PR, and already merged and picked to 6.4
  • Switch to a simple JSON in core for the Notebookbars (Szymon)

    • AI: design some nice JSON for core notebookbar structure (Andreas K)

    • pending Andreas’s input here – want to get his input first.

Dynamic changes of Toolbar type (Gabriel)

  • Pushed a patch yesterday – unfortunately some tests fail

    • need to look into those.
  • Question: once you have the ability to change the toolbar dynamically
    from classic ↔ notebookbar

    • means you must have it initialized in core

    • so – decided to intialize it anyway

    • do we expect issues with this ?

      • Unit tests that fail – may be related to this change.
    • Some cypress tests fail

    • an assert – that some resources are not freed at the end of the test

    • perhaps good to ask Tamas Z for advice (Michael)

  • Aside for this – feature can be used by sending a post-message

    • default in loolwsd.xml – in case we miss a postmessage / UI default

    • UI defaults – has a setting, and a post-message on top of that.

Bind Mounting / Hard-linking (Michael)

CanvasTileLayer bits (Kendy)

  • Lots of progress (Gokay)

    • working on row & column rendering into the same canvas using a CanvasSection

    • want to move this to TypeScript too, but first making it work with CanvasSections

  • Dennis switching to canvas to render the selection layer.

Icon theming (css class names) (Pedro)

  • Had the meeting in the end, came up with a plan.

    • Andreas is testing things here
  • The plan is:

    • Andreas checks if he can come up with a Soln’ using CSS variables inside SVGs

    • If this fails, we can fall-back to using re-writing in loolwsd itself but perhaps easier to use the browser.

    • Previous loading, changed colors of SVGs after rendering with CSS.

Pivot bits (Szymon)

  • now released in 6.4.3

Load testing (Michael)

  • running our JS under nodejs – with jsdom + canvas – forcibly sizing it.

  • Hopefully that provies a good passive watcher already – pull request coming

    • ‘coolstress’ tool is coming.
  • Renaming binaries is perhaps good in the medium term.

  • Currently no pre-load testing (Gabriel)

    • relying on live usage & analysis / fixing.

Async Saving (Kendy)

  • Ash is working hard on this

  • involves new socket / code / header? implementation

    • this will be landing soon.
  • Then using the new socket code in a synchronous mode

  • State machine to work out document states is next

    • modified status is strange in some ways

    • in the core – when we save it is an async operation from the core

    • when there is no modification – a shortcut in init.cxx immediately tells not doing anything

      • but could be modifying events in the sfx event queue.
  • Gave some feedback on this (Gabriel)

    • didn’t manage to continue with that review, will answer there.

Pull requests in need of attention (Kara)

Help / getting setup ?

  • All questions / comments welcome here – or on IRC / Telegram etc. ?

    • Ping MKara any time for help / if stuck.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 11:00 am (UTC)

A note related to these lines. I checked the PR and it was not failing on cypress tests, but C++ unit tests, so I could not help with that.