Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #12

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #12

Date: Feb 11, 2021

Next meeting: Feb 18, 2021

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Muhammet, Pedro, Kendy, Gabriel, Gokay, Andras, Szymon, Nicolas, Ezinne, Thorsten,
Aron, Pranam, Padia

Community update (Muhammet)

CSV handling (Pedro)

  • Already merged & tested. → Done.

  • Remarks from Andras → Might be good to make names more consistent

    • Download-as section

Template Contest (Nicolas)

  • Didn’t have time much

  • next week prolly an update

  • Some good looking, might be good for COOL and Collabora Office

  • Needs checking/verification for image license etc.

JSON Toolbar / Notebookbar changes (Kendy)

  • No updates since last week

Dynamic changes of Toolbar type (Gabriel)

  • fixed the issues – and re-based a few minnutes ago, waiting for the build to finish

    • hope that there are no other issues.
  • Allows a setting outside the frame: can change the UI without re-loading the doc.

    • Had a comment on offsets (Szymon)

      • already fixed.

Bind Mounting / Hard-linking (Gabriel)

  • Looking into it in the next days – back on COOL for a few days

  • Pending a re-work, we have a single jail setup before we spawn children (Michael)

    • so there is less chance for racing.
  • re-render the fonts pre-fork …

CanvasTileLayer bits (Gokay)

  • Positioning bits merged

  • Scroll-bar is being converted to Typescript.

  • How much more needs doing ? (Michael)

    • canvas / ruler rendering in writer (Gokay)

      • and a couple of other bits.
    • Selections are rendered to the canvas

    • Still lots to do (Kendy)

      • not under a month yet

      • cursors are not rendered on canvas yet.

        • Need to consider how we do blinking.
      • some issues on mobile phones.

        • still mostly working nicely there
      • But if we decide to ship it right-away, more or less possible

        • with some polishing of the bits.
  • Dennis soon pushing a unit-test framework for typescript code (Kendy)

    • real unit-testing in the JS part.

    • Extremely exciting

    • Using nodejs – run – can assert things directly on the classes

      • polygons / points / boundaries – can unit test the proper way
  • finding time to help with selections/cursor pixels (Pedro)

Icon theming (css class names) (Andreas K)

  • No update.

Load testing (Michael)

  • Major wins in calc collaborative editing in latest COOL/CODE

  • ‘coolstress’ needs more work.

Async Saving (Kendy)

  • preparation will land shortly.

    • pull requests have been updated
  • then – we connect the dots to save asynchronously

Release schedule bits

  • new CODE releases to test some of the new features we have queued

    • FontWork, incremental dialog / JSON update work soon → 6.4.6 ~ready

    • Then other releases to test async save – in a few weeks.

  • COOL will de-couple from that for a bit.

Notebookbar scrolling issue #1395 (Pedro)

  • scrolling not working after change in CSS for better alignment

  • issue with the notebookbar container – now called table-cell, not table

  • Pedro has fixed it – and improved alignment a bit.

  • Passed CI, about to be merged.

Invalidation Debugging (Padia Rashesh)

Pull requests in need of attention (Kara)

  • all taken care of …

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 11:00 am (UTC)