Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #23

Date: May 6, 2021
Next meeting: May 13, 2021
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  • Pedro, Nicolas, Pranam, Michael, Andras, Kendy, Szymon, Mert,

Community update (Pedro)

  • Muhammet unwell but getting better
  • More people contributing – but don’t know the numbers.
  • Polishing various things – source*code comments, online documentation
    • Vivek – starting to work on; transforming the loleaflet API documentation
      – turned into source comments – then can get rid of it.

JSON Toolbar / Notebookbar changes (Pedro)

  • Lots of things going on:
  • Hope to have a call with Andreas on Friday
  • Lots of visual & code cleanups around the notebookbar.
  • Thanks to Nicolas for checking on touch issues.

Canvas / Interactive Performance (Michael)

  • Very large wins – now shipping in 6.4.8*4
  • Had some regression in 6.4.83 – from new endto*end profiling infrastructure
  • should be hugely improved; processing and collecting most events before rendering.
    • still more to do around tile & image loading …
  • should be more interactive, less tile’y / jaggy.
  • excited about the win.
  • Happy to help blog about this (Nicolas)
    • plan to build a blog on this (Michael)
      • get a blog post out.
      • Maybe wait for Async saving shipped in a release (6.4.9?)

Icon theming (css class names) (Pedro)

Async Saving (Michael)

  • Ash has pushed the patches; waiting for CI to complete – before asking for code review
  • Should be done now with async*save … with these in: should be feature complete
    • wants new tasks =)
  • looking forward to reading it (Michael)
  • Next: removing the file provider – so everything is wopi*like even in debug mode.

CI bits (Andras)

  • fixed the Android CI → and switched it on for the core checks; broadly working now.

Pull requests (Pedro)

Commit Access

  • FreeBSD porting hero → Gleb Popov / arrowd
    • no objections → lets do it!
    • Invitation sent by Kendy
  • Great to see the FreeBSD port working nicely … and being maintained.

Seeing styles in Chinese ? (Pranam)

  • actually in Japanese (Andras)
  • some regression around translation ? (Michael)
    • perhaps some paragraphs were in this language – and we copy minutes each time (Szymon)

Ongoing work (Kendy)

  • Slowly starting on sidebar bits (Szymon)
    • didn’t’ get there yet – busy fixing all the tests for co*2021
    • Lots of tests were failing, but one fix fixed lots of them
      • missing bits since JSON*writer in core made malformed json.
      • This was used in 6.4 – but only for annotations …
        • for JSDialogs – still use boost there.
      • Dialogs should be far faster in co*2021
    • two cypress tests left – related to formula*bar …
      • after finished with this, will start with Sidebar.
  • Autofill improvements from Dennis
    • now done; not necessary to do popup with possibilities in the UI
      following the desktop competition as the benchmark.
      • some small bits to work on, but looks encouraging.
  • Improved rendering of PDFs
    • now possible to use the sorter as well.
    • work ongoing on slide comments.
      • Hacked into existing code: latlng/unproject etc.
      • instead: rewrite in typescript using new canvas / sections / corepixels etc.
  • Calc – browser edit*line
    • for formula*input bar … tried to use a11y at some stage …
    • no insight into editing itself
    • it’s an edit*engine anyway – get some additional insight there ? …
  • Pranam: working on Kubernetes setup.

Release schedule bits (Andras)

  • No releases planned this week
  • CODE 6.4.8*4
    • urgent bug*fix release; released everything COOL, CODE, Docker images etc.
    • appimage ? * perhaps still at 6.4.7.
  • CODE 6.4.9
    • blocking on async saving / bulk writing work review …
      • ~one week out …
  • New core branch co*2021 polishing for next months
    • hope to have a snapshot as/when it passes its tests …

Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)