Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #72

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #72

Date: May 12 2022

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  • Michael, Nicolas, Kendy, Gokay Mert, Szymon, Ezinne, Thorsten, Tor

Grammar checking (Mert)

  • New pluggable LanguageTooler functionality
  • does style checking – tells if you can use a better word …
    • checking is cached – paste it again, instant.
  • The context menu / popup is a bit wide (Nicolas)
    • not sure what to do with this ? (Mert)
  • Is DudenCorrector important ? (Michael)
    • not for Adfinis – using LanguageTool
  • yellow/red/blue for Grammar/Spelling/Style etc. (Nicolas)
    • can use rule identifier to do that (Mert)
  • Check out how this is done online – very pretty (Nicolas)
    • Premium account with API keys are there … and need this.
    • Possible to host this locally etc.
  • What happens to Hunspell ? (Nicolas)
    • can use that in parallel (Mert)
      • using LanguageTool is enough (Nicolas)
        • there are check-boxes
  • Next:
    • have some options to set the end-points & API key.
    • Look into multiple colors for underlines too.
    • Testing dis-connect / re-connect etc. and thread hanging.
      • Add an HTTP timeout on the request – and configure that.

Gabriel (1-and-1)

Welcome updates (Michael)

  • Re-spun the builds quickly – now working to address the several separate issues, may take some weeks to get them cleaned up.
  • Still need to add a timer to spin the slides & close them automatically
  • Should add a timer to other dialogues eg. update-check (Pedro)

Forum (Pedro)

  • Improving our Kubernetes documentation would be good
    • some questions in the forum there.

GitHub activity (Pedro (on vacation)):

TDF / Crashtesting (Michael)

  • Now cleaned up – were not informed about the issue (Nicolas)
    • got some rules tangled up for the machine.
  • 98 crashes – and starting to fix them left & right – thanks to Caolan / Lubos etc.

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • Error duplicating a file within the same directory: Copying a file and renaming it in the same directory · Issue #2092 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub
    • looked like the preview requests may have caused the file-locking
      • clone & wait for the preview to render does it still occur ? Can we work around that ?
    • Could we send a preview as we save ? (Michael)
      • added a built-in preview mechanism for ODF files
      • Preview is/was kind of small …
        • could delay that (Michael)
      • Can also find a way to make preview generation not lock files (Julius)
  • Font pieces:
    • work done in Nextcloud so will work when cache is enabled
    • Already tested with the master branch of CODE
    • Need to make it easier to auto-configure the font-URL
    • saw the patch to allow autoconfiguration to set the font-url
      • working out what to do to make setup easier for admins on simple setups.
      • Might need a flag / env-var on the docker container for NC URL for remote config.
        • AI: poke Rash on this (Kendy)
    • Tor /Ash looking at an issue with jail building and permissions for fonts.
      • To make this more efficient.
  • Desktop / PC locking / launching feature → next for Tor.
    • Getting locking information and then we can discuss how CO can pick up those details
  • Detecting guests form CheckFileInfo results ? (Michael)
    • to not show welcome – is there some combination of properties there ?
      • One thing (Julius)
        • inserting remote images only available for logged-in users.
        • Use this to hide welcome. Gokay to poke Henry on this.

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Tooltip on the close button – now says it closes the document.
    • If you close quickly can we loose data ?
      • No (Michael)
        • if you see this scream and shout and file bugs – no need to wait for auto-save
        • And don’t stop shouting until it is fixed: we should never loose data
          • Ash – needs to know about this
  • Dialogs that are not JSDialogs, or Vex, some leaflet thing …
    • eg. ‘Repair document’ dialog … problems with alignment / close button
    • Can we list them ? (Michael)
      • seems this repair thing is the last one … it is an overlay / popup etc.(Pedro)
  • Dark mode discussion: Add a dark mode · Issue #4382 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
    • We treat this as an extra attribute for normalized-views cf. watermarks …

22.05 bits (Gokay)

  • Planning to have another CODE beta release next week for 22.05 – for developers
  • Delta work getting merged into master
    • mostly disabled – but eventually will enable it
    • probably → use custom compression instead of PNGs
    • then will add deltas on top.
    • Get as many commits with history & comments into the branch.

Other ongoing work (Kendy)

  • Rash started working on @mentions – notification etc.
    • adding the federated ID to the comment author – after the document is round-tripped.
  • further work to continue the mentions
    • thinking of using some sort of field to mention that -
      need to double check with Miklos
  • Content Controls – coming along nicely – with drop-down ongoing from Miklos
  • Ash is working on video embedding / playback
  • Font stuff is mostly done (Tor)
  • Working on other bugs: crashes & problems related to tunnelled dialogs.

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