Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #73

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #73

Date: May 19 2022

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  • Pedro, Michael, Gabriel, Ezinne, Rashes, Kendy, Pedro, Andras,
    Gokay, Aron, Szymon, Pranam, Mert

Grammar checking (Kendy)

  • Works nicely in the core
    • now have some options to set the end-points & API key.
    • Like to get this in before LibreOffice 7.4 freeze - ~2 weeks.
  • Next:
    • Look into multiple colors for underlines too.
    • Testing dis-connect / re-connect etc. and thread hanging.
      • Add an HTTP timeout on the request – and configure that.

Gabriel (1-and-1)

Welcome updates (Michael)

  • Henry implemented server-side update fetching.
  • Now looking at welcome piece more.
  • Should add a timer to other dialogues eg. update-check (Pedro)

Forum (Pedro)

GitHub activity (Pedro (on vacation)):

Nextcloud bits ( Julius)

  • Julius can’t join today:
  • Working on improving themes: scroll-bars / look of things etc.
    • need testing in HiDPI mode too.
  • Workflow from calc ↔ nextcloud forms easier
    • Nicolas would like this – access via API for this
    • discussed with Julius – lots of low-hanging fruit here.
    • NC exports only CSV – some odd tabulation + comma.
    • No easy way in the UI to go from calc to forms etc.
      • not difficult to open in COOL directly.
    • Should generate FODS internally – and we can convert to CSV if wanted.
  • Error duplicating a file within the same directory: Copying a file and renaming it in the same directory · Issue #2092 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub
    • looked like the preview requests may have caused the file-locking
      • clone & wait for the preview to render does it still occur ? Can we work around that ?
    • Could we send a preview as we save ? (Michael)
      • added a built-in preview mechanism for ODF files
      • Preview is/was kind of small …
        • could delay that (Michael)
      • Can also find a way to make preview generation not lock files (Julius)
  • Font pieces:
    • autoconfiguration via docker container parameter is done.
    • Tor /Ash looking at an issue with jail building and permissions for fonts.
      • we need a plan to get this right → needs to be designed properly.
      • Almost certainly we need two user-ids in the system to make this work.
  • Desktop / PC locking / launching feature → next for Tor.
    • Getting locking information and then we can discuss how CO can pick up those details
  • Detecting guests from CheckFileInfo results ? (Michael)
    • expect we need a guest-mode, that gets default settings – flagged by the WOPI host.

Design bits (Pedro)

22.05 bits (Gokay)

  • Have a release blocker for the developers beta – so will delay some days
  • Delta work mostly in – last pull request coming – but still disabled.
    • Failing tests here & there … lets see.
  • Master branch vs. what ? (Gabriel)
    • distro/collabora/co-22.05 of core code …

Other ongoing work (Kendy)

  • Content Controls – coming along nicely – with drop-down ongoing from Miklos
  • Rash started working on @mentions – notification etc.
    • added the federated ID to the comment author – after the document is round-tripped.
  • Ash is working on video embedding / playback
  • Font stuff is in-progress (Tor)
  • Various bugs being worked on.

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