Collabora server access to external domain

I have installed collabora online on VPS2.
Since VPS1 has already the Nextcloud, and very sensitive to new installation using ssh.
I successfully installed collabora on VPS2.
I also use the url of office.domain2.tld on the Collabora settings for the server url.
It says Collabora Online server is reachable.
But can’t edit any document.
Can anyone help me.
on the VPS2 i did not use docker.
I have a apache2 for the proxy.
Please help.
VPS1 has the ourdomain.tld
i want to use the Collabora online on VPS1 from VPS2.
I can access the Admin panel of the Loolwsd

I was having trouble keeping Collabora CODE up-to-date by itself. I originally used the Collabora docker images, but each time a Collabora update was released it took me hours of fiddling before I could get my setup working again.

Ultimately I setup nethserver, then installed Collabora on that.

When Collabora 6.4 was released I had to go back and run the command on the install page indicating that nextcloud was on a different host:

config setprop loolwsd AllowWopiHost
signal-event nethserver-collabora-update

It appears that the value I set on my system for ‘AllowWopiHost’ has been added to /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml in an entry for '<host allow=“true”…:

<host allow="true" desc="Regex pattern of hostname to allow or deny.">
</host> must resolve correctly to the nextcloud server from the collabora server