Collabora with Podman - cannot create random dev

I’m running Collabora online with Podman. Almost everything works but I cannot export or save as PDF, PPT … Podman does not allow the container to create devices and Collabora needs that for creating files.
Does anyone know what devices Collabora need to create?
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

To run it with Docker is not an alternative.

Hey @PelleH,

Welcome to the forum + thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Can you give a little more explanation of your setup?

Like versions of Collabora + Podman? What exact OS you are using?

In Collabora Online, you can find it under:

  • Help > About
    • (There’s even a little “Copy” button.)

And are there any sort of errors or things happening when it fails to export/save?

Rootless podman should be OK with Collabora

We are using version 23.05 of Collabora online on Redhat 8. Podman version the latest one.

And ot is storklubben fine, all but the export to pdf, ppt …