Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #53

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #53

Date: Dec 16, 2021

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Michael, Andreas K, Gabriel, Kendy, Pranam,
    Szymon, Aron, Nicolas, Andras, Alexandru

Community update (Pedro)

Forum activity:

  • Problems creating new documents from custom ott template
  • I have an problem, with one of my nextcloud instances after I restored the installation from a backup (only data and db dump was available). Now, I can’t open any document file with collabora. View in Forum
    • with the extension installed ? (Michael)
      • lets see if more people have this issue.
  • Thanks to Gabriel for adding info on top of document-conversion-with-collabora-rest-api forum topic


  • Some tests are a bit sensitive and normally need an extra attempt before we stop the PR altogether (Szymon)
  • npm / json issue biting us on Ubuntu 20.03 (Gabriel)
    • will try to build it from clean.
    • What fixes it for kendy: ‘cd browser; npm update’ in this directory
    • typical StackOverflow type advice (Kendy)
      • need a root-cause fix.
    • Shrinkwrap.json file is from an old npm (Alexandru)
      • now package-lock.json
      • this will change the versions (Gokay)
        • package-lock.json will do the same thing
    • npm-install with –ci flag will have pinned version (Alexandru)
      • do we have a package-lock.json file? (Gokay)
        • will need to transition to that in the future.
        • Use archives – for them to work we need shrinkwrap.json
        • deleting it may have some effects – a temporary solution.
      • Perhaps have a path instead for archived packages (Alexandru)
        • AI: lets get a github ticket filed and look at his (Gokay)
    • A clean build happening now (Gabriel)
      • ‘git clean -fdx’ – works nicely.
      • So doesn’t bite new contributors.

GitHub Issues

Enable Save As feature that would if necessary ask and convert to the desired format ( example VSD, VSDX,)

Improve f-droid blog post

Scrollbars (document vs sidebar)

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Fix for loading icons for Nextcloud – which were not aligned
  • Fix for notebookbar & vertical hamburger alignment – waiting for cypress
  • Troubles – nasty / ugly drop-down marker
    • when using ‘validity’ inside calc – adjusted 1:1 with the cell size – creating odd artifacts with large cells.
      • Added some nice styling.
  • More PR’s waiting to be merged – better handling of empty screens on mobile
    • eg. with a property panel with no comments.
    • Fix for smartening the top-menu.
    • Merging things before tomorrow & vacation.
  • Worked on mobile / contextual toolbars (Andreas K)
    • and for desktop pieces
    • there is a PR for writer – and for online for desktop a PR for all apps
      • needs some time – after this release.
    • Other pieces already merged: some sidebar fixes
    • Hope we release ASAP – not a fan of waiting for review …
    • contextual toolbars (Szymon)
      • icons appear very slowly – should do at the same time for all icons
      • can see the animation from right to left
      • commented like this in Desktop PR’s (Pedro)
      • contextual bits should be after this release (Andreas)
        • sure there are some bugs & things to fix.
    • Tested & merged a PR around units on the sidebar (Pedro)
      • now inside the items themselves instead of outside.

Schedule & update (Andras)

  • Plan to release new CODE 21.11 ~now
    • as we are talking – packages are being built for next CODE 21.11
    • smoke-test later today or tomorrow release.
  • Have a break over Christmas.
    • Next releases expected in January.
  • “lok: don’t crash accessing an invalid ObjectContact cache” (Michael)
    • well worth having – fixes calc copy/paste crasher.

Misc 1&1 bits

  • Nothing particularly going on. (Gabriel)
  • Working on some tickets to contribute (Alexandru)
    • hope to open merge requests start of next week.
      • eg. file path – we have a cloud app – like a file-system …
        • user saves it in a specific path:
          want to display that path on mouse-over

a11y bits (Gokay)

  • Fixes around duplicate ids on HTML elements from Szymon
  • improved keyboard handling in JS-dialogs – have the default button & focus is kept in input fields when we are using the default action.
    • In find & replace – important to keep it in the dialog – not jump to document in the search.

Update on what we’re up to (Szymon)

  • Performance win from the style previews:
    • when pasting – don’t update & re-render N^2 but just N for new styles
    • waiting for CI …

Other updates ( Gokay )

  • RTL work ongoing by Dennis
  • lots of bug-fixing

Header area (Andreas K)

  • Back-ported from Nextcloud Office / master
    • have contextual area; a PR vs. master.
    • Next to bring it to Notebookbar / tabs.
    • So we have the same style.
  • Updated the styles for highlight commands in the sidebar
  • Simplified the code styles bits.
  • Testing and merging (Pedro)
    • not tested the header bits yet.

Another call next week ? (Nicolas)

  • Last one of the year (Pedro)
  • Merry Christmas to everyone.
  • Thanks to all for their hard work in the year !

Next Meeting

This is the last meeting of this year