Collabora, Zotero and Group libraries

I managed to Setup Zotero within Collabora in my nextcloud. The only problem I am facing that I cannot access the group library content in Collabora, only my own library. I would like to work at the same document with several people and by my understanding, I have to place the references selected from the shared group library. However, I can only see the arrow for group libraries, but nothing more.
Any help is highly appreciated!

Hey @BMBC, welcome to the forum + thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

Can you take a screenshot of this issue?

So, if I understand correctly:

  • Collabora<->Zotero can see your own library

and you’d like it to work with Zotero Groups as well:

Hmmm… this sounds like it could be a missing “feature request” (or a bug?).

Could you please report this issue to the:

Then the QA team + devs could take a closer look at it. :slight_smile:

Since the Zotero integration was just recently introduced, perhaps they missed this use-case.