Collabora, Zotero and Group libraries

I managed to Setup Zotero within Collabora in my nextcloud. The only problem I am facing that I cannot access the group library content in Collabora, only my own library. I would like to work at the same document with several people and by my understanding, I have to place the references selected from the shared group library. However, I can only see the arrow for group libraries, but nothing more.
Any help is highly appreciated!

Hey @BMBC, welcome to the forum + thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

Can you take a screenshot of this issue?

So, if I understand correctly:

  • Collabora<->Zotero can see your own library

and you’d like it to work with Zotero Groups as well:

Hmmm… this sounds like it could be a missing “feature request” (or a bug?).

Could you please report this issue to the:

Then the QA team + devs could take a closer look at it. :slight_smile:

Since the Zotero integration was just recently introduced, perhaps they missed this use-case.

Sorry for the delay. Here is the screenshot:

I did contact the forum of, but they just replied to post here…

I was trying to post it centrally, are this site and github different or will too many people see the post just twice…

Fantastic. Thanks for the update @BMBC.

Yes, usually a great idea to not cross-post. :slight_smile:

But definitely submit the Zotero+Groups issue to Github so devs can keep track of the bug / feature. :slight_smile:

When a dev gets a chance, they can look into it.

Side Note: I mentioned it during the COOL Weekly Meeting a few weeks back.

One of the devs who worked on some of the implementation said “there are no current plans”—but if it’s an easy fix, they’ll dedicate some time towards debugging/adding the feature.

SO SUBMIT THAT ISSUE! :slight_smile: