COOL Weekly Meeting 143

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #143

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Attendees (write your name):1. Anna, Ezinne, Caolán, Andras, Cosmin, Timur , Atilla, Gulsah, Gokay, Darshan, Bayram, Hub, Aron

Release Schedule,

  1. Next CODE 23.05.6 Planned for Week 46

  2. Mobile releases

    1. iOS 23.05.5 (Released!)

    2. Android is in review 23.05.5 ( Released!)

  3. iOS

    1. quick smoke-testing of new build looks good (Nicolas)

Julius- Probably follow up release with still pending fixes next week

Nicolas- Already have COOL-days in the calendar ( 8th–10th April 2024 )

Cosmin- Found some broken help buttons in 22.05 and opened issue 7596.

Online activity- Bugs caught during this meeting

  • Hyperlink preview glitching (keeps flickering). Check the web console, we keep receiving the same postmessage over and over

    • Issue: Pedro
  • Pedro

    • UI fixes for the new multi level dropdowns

    • Fix new separator affecting mobile and sidebar

    • Fix notebookbar definitions around missing css class

    • Make font family and size inherit native font stack style

    • AI: scroll indicators on tablets;

  • Attila

  • PRs without reviewer 6

  • Szymon

    • New conditional formatting menu in notebookbar:

      • → merged

      • Icons were missing. A.I.: Pedro needs to check this; Szymon will create a ticket and CC)

      • Made strings in simplified dialog translated

      • Improved submenu so it opens on hover

      • Fixed input in simplified dialog in Firefox

    • Fixes for TypeError – might be a reason for jumping view

    • Szymon will take a look at the lengthy cell problem

  • Darshan

  • Michael / Caolan – Performance

    • reduce the amount of redrawing online has to do for tile updates

    • Hebrew Calendar issue seen in last week calc profile

    • FormulaBar perf

      • Reduce jsdialog formulabar updates from 6 to 3 per keystroke

        - []( (merged)
      • online: formulabar optimization #7607

        - []( (merged)
    • Now when online crashes the document saves (quarantine now has the document in it)

      • But we are still not always getting the files, but log claims saved successfully

        - current theory is that is it removed by a later session for document with same content?
        - Another report on this topic backs up this theory.
  • Testing results:

  • Bayram

    • make Move/Copy sheet dialog async:

    • Calc: grouping doesn’t work #7369

      • Group types: row or column groups

      • double clicking on a group’s tail closes the groups correctly - on the row and column groups.

      • issues in group control boxes (boxes with plus / minus symbols):

        - column groups: only the top-parent control box is responsive to the click.
        - row groups: hidden child control boxes are still clickable
    • drag&drop zone is tiny : Calc

      • seems height of the drop zone is shorter than the height of the sheet tabs

      • we can increase the height (and maybe width) of the drop zone.

      • will open a phab. ticket for this (seems there is none)

  • Skyler

    • Webkit video position

      • Done some investigation of presentation mode

        - Transform appears to be a constant plus a scaling of the x/y of the video
        - Unfortunately the constant is different per-device
        - Preliminary PR, unfortunately only supports a specific device (my mac): [](
    • Tablet mode issues

      • Lots of work on tablets that aren’t detected as tablets, particularly windows tablets/laptops with touchscreens/convertible devices

        - [](
        - [](
        - [](
        - (specifically enlarging touchscreen detection and fixing some keyboard issues in calc)
      • Have lots of hardware to test on now, so CC me in to touchscreen stuff

  • Timur

  • Pranam

    • Currently working on copy paste improvement

      • When we select a cell (without entering cell edit mode) and copy something from a cell (with formula), pasting it outside of COOL formula gets pasted and not just the end result output.

      • Michael: Yes, if we select a cell I would expect to see the end result output and not the formula

    • New cypress test for autosaved comment s

  • Gökay

    • Dictionary tool bug.

      • It shows the red lines in wrong places.

        - Have a fix but needs some more work. → Done.
                - Also a pending (in review) PR for non-visible suggestions.
                - There is another fix to work on now. Ignore all is not working when language tool is enabled.
    • Column selections – Calc:

      • When a user selects a column and other user deletes one column at the left of the first user’s selected column, it crashes. Same for additions.

        - Fixed the first thing but there is more there.
                - Current code doesn’t take multiple deletions into account. Also there may be multiple additions when multiple columns are pasted at the left of the selected columns.
      • All done.

    • Worked on copy hyperlink issue.

    • Will continue with Ignore All bug and other Online issues.

  • Hubert

  • Gülşah

    • Editing a cell without exiting the cell edit mode and then clicking the ‘+’ to insert a new sheet moves the entered content into that new sheet.

    • And now working on overwrite follow up PR of configurable override mode

    • Currently working on Insert→Chart Wizard’s help button.

      • Investigating- > Difference is the chart wizard is not regular jsdialog… That is a wizard dialog and vcl/jsdialog/jsdialogbuilder.cxx response_help method can not get the action buttons area to interact with “Help” button.

        - Debugging...
  • Andras

  • Mike D

Forum (Mike D)

5 Forum posts this week.

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9 → 9 - zero replies in user support:

37 → 37 - zero replies in installation and config:

Next events- COOL Day 2024 – April 8 to 10, 2024, Cambridge, UK –

  • We are thrilled to announce COOL Days 2024, another exciting and enriching conference and team building event in the picturesque city of Cambridge!

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