Community Weekly Meeting #154

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #154

Date: Feb 01st 2024

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Andras, Ezinne, Cosmin, Timur, Attila, Gulsah, Darshan, Bayram, Hub, Mike D, Michael M, Vivek, Szymon, Julius, Méven Car, Caolán, Pedro, Skyler, Gökay, Anna, Antranig V, Neil Guertin

Making the call shorter

  • Please update your section relating in the document before we read through it.
  • Then only go over anything we need to share / get input on

Release Schedule

  • CODE was released
  • CODE is in testing, to be released Today
  • Mobile releases
    • iOS 23.05.7 released
    • Android 23.05.7 Delay in Android release

Antranig Vartanian

  • Representing FreeBSD community
  • Trying to pick WRT FreeBSD port
  • Wants to contribute any FreeBSD work
  • Andras Timar: Another contributor was working on that → Gleb P. was the community maintainer
    • So we ended up disabling the Cirrus CI (FreeBSD) because the service was broken
    • Antranig: it seems the image you were using was removed from Cirrus community


  • New release of richdocuments

    • Went out end of last week
  • Open in new tab by default (?)

    • No news on internal discussions yet
  • WASM

    • For now only in development branch of richdocuments, targetting Nextcloud 29
  • Discussion with Pedro around open locally

  • Very large file access? (Michael)

    • WOPI end-point not supporting range requests (Julius)
      • is done for the webdav endpoints.

Online activity

Forum (Mike D)

4 posts this week.

Key topics:

  • How to turn off the auto-input setting in the 'calc'
    • User wanted to change AutoInput using the coolkitconfig.xcu file.
      • Feature where Calc auto-cCCompletes as you type based on text in other cells.
        • In LO Calc, it’s under: Tools > AutoInput
      • I was digging into LO’s config files / Expert Configuration + trying to test in Collabora too.

Status Update:

  • See the “iOS + keyboard not typing” bug may have gotten patch?
  • Any update on the ODS opening at 200% Zoom?
    • I tagged Github Issue #7844 with “Calc”.

9 → 9 - zero replies in user support:

User Support - Collabora Online

39 → 39 - zero replies in installation and config:

Installation & Configuration - Collabora Online

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  • 08/02/2024