Connect CODE Server To TWO Different NEXTCloud Instances & Mattermost Server


I have successfully installed a Collabora CODE Server (running on Ubuntu 22.04) using the RPM/Deb option, not Docker. During the installation, I specified a default Nextcloud instance. The connection between those two servers is working just fine. The problem is that I have TWO Nextcloud servers and TWO Mattermost servers which I want to connect to this CODE Server for document editing. I have entered the relevant URL into the appropriate connector apps (on the other Nextcloud instance and the two Mattermost servers) but they are simply unable to connect. The Mattermost instance returns “Well, this is embarrassing, we cannot connect to your document.” while the counter is stuck at 0%. The other (almost identical) Nextcloud instance sets up the CODE Server app appropriately but when it is time to open a document, the connection fails. However, the first instance specified during the installation works just fine.

Please assist. Thank you.

That’s interesting. So a single COOL cluster should be able to drive multiple Nextcloud and Mattermost instances. Have you configured WOPI alias_groups for your servers?

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