Integration both with Owncloud and Nextcloud not working

Hi @all,

I just setup CODE on Ubuntu 20.04 with the packages provided here:

Because this shall be a pretty basic test I disabled SSL Config. Both Nextcloud an Owncloud can directly connect to CODE via a secure connection. The CODE Server itself is not directly connect to the internet, only via proxy server.

I have configured the connection to CODE in both Nextcloud and Owncloud Plugins, and Nextcloud does also a short test, telling me that it can connect to CODE Server.

Now if I try to open a document I can see the horizontal navigation bar of Nextcloud or Owncloud and just a white space below.
If I do a tcpdump on the CODE Server I see one http GET request for /hosting/discovery HTTP/1.1 with a 200. Both there is nothing else happening.
I can happily provide tcpdumps, if needed.

Checking the logs with journalctl only show some records about the start of loolwsd.

So at the moment I’m a little clueless where to look next.
Can anyone give me a hint where/what I should check?

Thanks a lot!

Bye, Dirk

Hi Dirk,

I have the exact same problem as you are describing. Did you find any solution to the problem?

Happy for any help,