Connection Problems between Nextcloud Server and Collabora

Hello guys,

I currently have a problem with the connection of Nextcloud (version 24) and collabora. The Nextcloud and the Collabora (version runs without problems. When I try to establish a connection from the nextcloud Server to the Collabora Server, I get the error message "Could not establish connection to the Collabora Online server. The Collabora Server ist installed as a Linux Package on an Alma Linux 8. I have also already tried to set up the Collabora Code Server via Docker or Podman. However, this resulted in the same effect.
I have already used the search function in the forum, but the help there unfortunately couldn’t solve the problem. Attached is the config of the reverse proxy for the Collabora server

I hope you can help me with this problem.



Hi @taubenheim-akquinet and welcome to the forum!
I have checked and it seems you are following correctly the Proxy settings — SDK documentation :thinking:

Can you provide log messages?


unfortunately I don’t get any information from the log messages. There is nothing in the logs regarding the connection. Neither in the logs from httd nor in those from Collabora.

@taubenheim-akquinet sometimes the problem might be caused by DNS or other network-based misconfiguration, or might be with the web server you’re using.
I am telling you that because I have experienced such problems before and it wasn’t a problem nextcloud or collabora online server but instead my DNS configs.

Please check the Nextcloud Collabora troubleshooting guide: