Dark theme support

Hello, I am writing here since I believe having a dark mode for Collabora Online is a crucial feature, but I cannot find any clear reference to it anywhere.

Is its implementation something that is being considered or planned?

Thank you very much!

Hello, yes it has been discussed and it is within our plans :slight_smile: Right now there is already dark mode for the android shell but not yet for document editing itself.

Also with many improvements(CSS vars everywhere) from the CSS side it should become easier to achieve that. The last piece missing would be to also switch to proper dark theme icons when dark theme is requested :slight_smile:

Then an additional thing to think about would be to also invert document color so user does not get blinded by it and by the huge contrast between that and the surrounding dark elements.

Related: itโ€™s also listed in the ideas page in our community pages http:col.la/io