Dark-mode catch-up call ...

* Present
  + Paris, Michael

* Dark mode switching (Paris)
  + to master - now an automatic theme instead of light + dark themes
  + patch not yet in co-23.05 - our switching works like before
  + master is out of sync - so how can we stay in sync.

* How best to tweak the configuration
  + coolkitconfig.xcu.in - layers over the libreoffice configuration
  + we could hard-code a dark & light theme into there...

* Pushing colors through into the app:
  + Theming of Collabora Online — SDK https://sdk.collaboraonline.com/ documentation
  + how does the body-bg thing work ?

* Dark-mode button: should we get rid of it ?
  + probably yes - except for mobile ?
  + ideally we should absorb a theme from the outside integration
  + Nextcloud has: Light, Dark, High contrast light, High contrast Dark
    + essentially 4x options here.

  + getting the new theme configs dumped in from the registryconfig.xcu

* Dark mode - still having problems dragging shapes
  + can we add code to the delta algorithm to detect large
  + black <-> white changes that may indicate a problem, and assert()
  + so we can debug it nicely (?)