Disable toolbar

How can i disable this toolbar? (red)

Hi @AIKa and welcome to the forum. I’m afraid it is not possible to toggle the formula bar only. But I’m curious, do you feel the need to hide it? Or does hiding all toolbars work? If you need to be able to toggle only the formulabar → could you please file a bug:enhancement on our github? Here is the link: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

For the Compact view (the one in your screenshot) I noticed that when using the Nextclouud theme is no longer possible to toggle the top menu (I will look into this). For the Tabbed view (you can switch to it by going View → Tabbed view) you can click once in the current tab and it should hide every top toolbar including the formula bar :slight_smile:

Thanks for your information. Yes, i want to disable the toolbar, if i don’t use it.

Can you send me a screenshot where I can remove the icons in the tab view, I have toggled but I can’t move or remove the icons.

Switch to tabbed view

Click in the current tab like so:

resulting in:

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do you know how can i save the settings, that the automatic writing control is deactiv always?


hm, once you deactivate that option it should remember and keep it unchecked for the next documents

The setting is saved only for the current login. If I log out and then log in again, the setting is activated again. The setting is not saved beyond the log out.