Information bar to the right is gone in Calc in NextCloud

Noob alert!

I have probably messed things up because I really don’t think this is because of the later updates of Collabora Online.

The zoom buttons (both the bar as well as the plus/minus buttons plus where the summarized fields are shown) is no longer present in our installation of Collabora Online. I think that bar is called “Information bar”. Is there a config setting for showing it?

Any ideas?

Hi @OptiBiz1,

No no you didn’t : ), for now we are testing hiding the status bar by default but rest assure the situation will get improved, meanwhile sorry if that affected your workflow.

  • Here is how you can show again the status bar: Top menu → View → Show status bar as shown bellow:
  • Additionally you can now also zoom in and zoom out by pressing ctrl and scrolling your mouse wheel

I hope that helps and thanks for reporting it!

Hi @pedro.silva

thank you! Unfortunately I don’t see any such menu option in Calc. My View menu shows Full Screen, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Reset zoom, Freeze Rows and Columns, Freeze cells and Sidebar. Nothing else.

It is available in the Write menu, but not in the Calc menu.

Any idea? Is there a setting in loolwsd.xml by any chance? I am handicaped without this information bar.

I am using the latest possible version of Collabora Online. I just updated it.


@OptiBiz1 Yes it should be present also in Calc like so:

Could you please upload a screenshot of what you see?


yes, sure. There is nothing like that here.


same is the case when you use the notebookbar, see Calc: statusbar not displayed by default. Not available in Layout menu · Issue #4080 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub :

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Is there a solution to this, or is it a bug?

Thanks for reporting it, fixed

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regarding the menu entry not showing I really couldn’t reproduce with latest version.

I am using the latest possible version of Collabora Online.

I see, but could you please write here the specific version and under which integrator are you using it? (e.g.: NextCloud, ownCloud, etc)


Collabora: 6.4.18
NextCloud: 23.0.0

Can the info bar be toggled on/off in the loolwsd.xml file?

Ah so it’s old Collabora Online not the 21.x series


So it seems it hasn’t been backported to 6.4.x and so at the present moment it’s only visible in 21.11: browser: Add Status bar toggle to View menu in Calc · CollaboraOnline/online@312edad · GitHub

but @bearon is aware and will do it, thanks @OptiBiz1 once again for reporting it Thanks @bearon !


Thanks! I had no clue. Glad to be of help.

When do you think that this will be distributed as an upgrade?


Que? Is there another Collabora? I am not running the CODE version.
Is the CODE version what you are referring to as 21.x series?


It works now after the latest update.

Thank you!

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Cool, glad it works now!