Information bar to the right is gone in Calc in NextCloud

Noob alert!

I have probably messed things up because I really don’t think this is because of the later updates of Collabora Online.

The zoom buttons (both the bar as well as the plus/minus buttons plus where the summarized fields are shown) is no longer present in our installation of Collabora Online. I think that bar is called “Information bar”. Is there a config setting for showing it?

Any ideas?

Hi @OptiBiz1,

No no you didn’t : ), for now we are testing hiding the status bar by default but rest assure the situation will get improved, meanwhile sorry if that affected your workflow.

  • Here is how you can show again the status bar: Top menu → View → Show status bar as shown bellow:
  • Additionally you can now also zoom in and zoom out by pressing ctrl and scrolling your mouse wheel

I hope that helps and thanks for reporting it!