Disabling auto save in Collabora Online Code

Hello, I’ve seen this issue on the github Autosave on exit · Issue #1739 · CollaboraOnline/online (github.com) and I’m searching for a way to completely disable the auto save function of Collabora (I also already have set the correct parameters in my config file concerning save). I’d like that the document would not be saved (even if closed) until the user clicks on the save button. Is that possible ?

Welcome, @thibaud.mathieu,

It is possible to disable the auto-save feature in Collabora Online CODE.

In the loolwsd.xml file, you will need to set the value of idlesave_duration_secs and autosave_duration_secs to zero or to negative.

I hope that helps.

Hello, that’s what I already tried and it doesn’t seem to work … everytime I close a file with unsaved changes, if I reopen it afterwards, my unsaved changes have been saved ! Even if I’ve set in loolwsd.xml always_save_on_exit to false, idlesave_duration_secs to -1 and autosave_duration_secs to -1

There was a bit of misunderstanding, no, there’s currently no way to completely disable auto-save. It’s possible to disable auto-save during editing, but the file will always be saved on exit, if it’s been changed.