Collabora Online Weekly meeting #42

Date: September 16, 2021

Next meeting: Oct 7, 2021

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Thorsten, Szymon, Gabriel M, Nicolas, Cor, Kendy, Andras

Community update (Pedro)

  • Bit chaotic this week, earlier than expected arrival of a first daughter! All is well.

    • Congrats variously.
  • New contributions (since last week):

    • 16e31f451 Alexandru Vlăduţu loleaflet: add menubar shortcuts where applicable
    • Also a new possible contributor on Telegram
      • first steps on building instruction provided
      • updated build instructions too – was using cp-6.4 now co-2021
  • pre-built core binary builds for beginners (Michael)

    • we update these every day (Andras)
      • it’s an automatic task – and up-loaded to github.

Forum (Pedro)


  • Dev day promoted
    • COOL Days 2021 : Developers Day - Collabora Office and Collabora Online
      • needs some double checking and confirmation of each time slot
    • Odd problem with social scheduler stopped this going live (Cor)
      • now fixed; and promoting it.
    • We will be using Big Blue Button
    • Testing session
    • Lot of short talks so you can get as much as you can, with short breaks for Q&A.
  • Any other speakers welcome !
  • Pedro will be setting up an individual testing session with each person;
    • should have BBB ready next week.
  • Alexandu confirmed his presentation and already written (Gabriel)

More Community bits (Pedro)

Symfony bundle (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Fix on ruler regression
  • Readonly improvements
  • Toolbars / icon positioning fix:
    • Needs porting some fixes

CI (Timar)

  • FreeBSD slave has been mended thanks to arrowd

Schedule & update (Kendy)

  • Lubos doing performance work
    • O(n^3) → O(n^2) in writer.
  • Loolstress – re-worked, and playing traces nicely in master (Michael)
  • Mobile apps are getting some priority
    • Szymon working on Android fixes
      • Additional blocker found by Aron
      • Mert working on some fixes too for Android
        • crash on remote storages corner cases
  • Dennis
    • pinch-to-zoom piece – to ensure we don’t flicker / wait for tiles.
  • IOS app
    • Tor polishing this
  • Pranam working on making it possible to disable commands for integrators to strip down the UI
  • Doing a CODE 6.4.11 release ?
    • Blocked on user-feedback feature / server deployment

User Feedback (Andras)

  • Needs to be dockerized …
  • We have the code working – the hardest bit, but … lets see.
    • will chase

new testflight for iOS? (Nicolas)

  • zooming issue there
  • good to see Tor working on calc input bar which has issues there.

Pull Requests in Need of Attention (Pedro)

Next Meeting

Next meeting will skip the LibreOffice conference and COOL days dates and so takes place on
Thursday, October 7, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)