Autosave-Funtion in CODE / calc


i would like to adjust the autosave time. Is this possible?
The option menu is not available. At least not at the same place as in LibreOffice.




You can adjust the auto-save time by changing the time on the idlesave_duration_secs on the loolwsd.xml file.

Hi Ezinne,
thanks a lot!
I cannot finde the file “loolwsd.xml” in my nextcloud/code setup.
There is no directory /etc/loolwsd
I am using ubuntu 20.04 without docker. (manual installation of LAMP and nextcloud)

@MVZ-LRA, If you are using the built-in CODE server, you can install the packages from Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) - Collabora Office and Collabora Online

This is the way I did it. CODE as an Nextcloud app.
Maybe the configuration file has a different name in this context?