Docx not working on mobile

Hello all,
i installed collabora online code (Docker) , everything is worked fine except in mobile browser (it worked fine in ipad) .
i get this error when i try to open docx file in small screens :

bundle.js:10842 Uncaught Error: Invalid LatLng object: (NaN, NaN)
at new L.LatLng (bundle.js:10842:65)
at Object.unproject (bundle.js:10891:77)
at Object.pointToLatLng (bundle.js:10897:24)
at NewClass.unproject (bundle.js:11164:67)
at NewClass._twipsToLatLng (bundle.js:17252:59)
at NewClass.scrollToPos (bundle.js:16738:53)
at NewClass._onUpdateCursor (bundle.js:16753:44)
at NewClass._syncTileContainerSize (bundle.js:17151:43)
at ResizeObserver. (bundle.js:15784:74)

Are you interested in looking at this yourself? If so, perhaps @gokaysatir can give you some input. :slight_smile:

Failing that, please report this as an issue at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub so it’s not forgotten. Thanks!


There was an issue with FireFox i think. It should be fine by now. I think you can try with the latest version. If it also fails, then it may still be inside master branch, waiting for the next release.