Latest Collabora/CODE Version Breaks Office Documents


I’m running Collabora/CODE on my local server for a couple of years now.

After updating Collabora/CODE yesterday to the latest version, I can no longer load office documents with Collabora/CODE.

I update Collabora/CODE using the following command: docker pull collabora/code

The Collabora/CODE update completed without errors; however, I can no longer open office documents.

Here is my setup:
OS: linux 5.14.9.arch2-1 (64-bit)
Docker: docker 1:20.10.9-1
Server: nginx-mainline 1.21.3-1
Nextcloud: nextcloud 22.2.0-1
Nextcloud Collabora Online plugin: 4.2.3
PHP: php 8.0.11-1
PHP-FPM: php-fpm 8.0.11-1
MySQL (MariaDB): mariadb 10.6.4-1

This is what appears when I try to open an office document (I’ve tried .xlsx and .docx):

Also, if the document is password-protected, I am able to enter the password since that dialog works, but again, after entering the password, I am looking at the above screen indefinitely.

Again, I have been running Collabora/CODE in my Nextcloud instance without a problem until the latest Collabora/CODE release.

My Nextcloud error log contains this (which is a bug that’s been present for a long time):
Required parameter $mode follows optional parameter $a at /var/lib/nextcloud/apps/richdocuments/lib/Controller/TemplatesController.php#196

My server error log has one entry:
2021/10/09 07:52:55 [warn] 1419#1419: *406 an upstream response is buffered to a temporary file /var/lib/nginx/proxy/1/00/0000000001 while reading upstream, client:, server:, request: "GET /loleaflet/b8c6e0d/bundle.js HTTP/2.0", upstream: "", host: ""

Thank you for any help or suggestions,


It also has the same problem on .ods files. So i can safely say, it affects almost (if not all) any document type.
Also the same problem on php 7 version of NC.

This has been resolved as of today. Please see my issue at github for the solution:

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