Does setting extra_params in docker compose write those parameters to coolwsd.xml?

I’m trying to troubleshoot setting up Collabora Code with Nextcloud and would be extremely grateful if a couple of things could be clarified.

I’m using a single docker compose file to configure all the required containers and this has left me with two questions I’m hoping someone could answer.

First: I’m trying to pass SSL parameters to the collabora container as follows

  - username=admin
  - password=foobar
  - dictionaries=de_DE en_GB en_US es_ES fr_FR it nl 
  - extra_params=--o:ssl.enable=false --o:ssl.termination=true
  - aliasgroup1=nextcloud-fpm:80

But when I exec into the container and look at /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.conf , the values there appear to be defaults - my particular SSL settings from extra_params haven’t been applied to the file.

However, when I run the env command inside the container, they do appear in an extra_params environment variable. So I know they’ve at least ended up inside the container somewhere.

So, is this the correct behaviour? That is to say; coolwsd.xml always contains the defaults unless somehow edited directly and the environment variable extra_params overrides whatever is set in coolwsd.xml. Or has something gone horribly wrong during container creation with my setup?

Also, I’ve seen frequent mention of double-escaping dots (\\.) in the aliasgroupN domain names in the examples, but this is always in the context of docker run commands on the command line. Do I still need to be double escaping them when they’re written in a docker compose file, or is a single escape ok? I am aware they’re not just domains but regexes… but was confused whether they were being double-escaped from a shell on the host, or from a shell in the container…

many thanks,

in my system running I see env aliasgroup1 and aliasgroup2 reflected in ‘/etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml’