DRAW Online Docker

Good morning
Is there a DRAW Online version available in Docker version?

Sure - Draw is built-in, although we need to spend some more time on it’s ergonomics. Just create an ODG file and edit that.

@mmeeks Tks
Good morning
Thank you for your reply. I did the test, but my Collabora/Code installation in Kubernetes does not open the ODG file, do I have to make a modification to the coolwsd.xml file?
Is it possible to ask Collabora/code to open JPG files as well?
Thanks in advance.

I have my CODE running with Docker (Nextcloud)…

I can

  • create local .odg file
  • sync to Nextcloud
  • and successfully open and edit it with CODE online…

Do I have to modify my discovery.xml file to allow Editing .JPG files and other compatible extensions?
I tried to test from Nextcloud in docker on my machine and CODE in docker also on my machine, but it doesn’t work.
How can I test?