Save JPG Files with Draw

hello, I wanted to test modifying jpg or png image files from Draw.
I modified the discovery.xml file to put edit on these extensions, but I can’t save, whereas when I open a DOC document it works.
Any idea what I should change on my Docker?

Is this still an issue for you on the latest COOL?

It worked fine for me in:

COOLWSD version: (git hash: 557f191d)
LOKit version: Collabora Office (git hash: fb99734)
Served by: Linux Mint 21.1
Server ID: 5464e7a7

In the discovery.xml file, there was a big list of:

  • Extensions
  • + name="view"
  • + name="edit"
      <!-- Draw documents -->
        <app name="draw">
            <action name="view" default="true" ext="sxd"/>
            <action name="edit" default="true" ext="odg"/>
            <action name="edit" default="true" ext="fodg"/>
            <!-- Others -->
            <action name="view" ext="svg"/>
            <action name="view" default="true" ext="fh"/>
            <action name="view" ext="bmp"/>
            <action name="view" ext="png"/>

I was able to change the line for PNG:

  • <action name="view" ext="png"/>

from viewedit:

  • <action name="edit" ext="png"/>

After restarting COOL + opening the PNG in Draw, I had full access to all the typical Draw controls.

It’s good, I was able to do what was necessary, everything is good on my side after checking everything.

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Fantastic. Great to hear. :slight_smile: