Editor or viewer android app

the app “Collabora Office: LibreOffice, OpenOffice & more” (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.collabora.libreoffice&gl=US)

  • is this online editor?
  • is this offline editor?
  • offline or online editor?
  • offline or online viewer?

the size of apk is huge :innocent:

The Collabora Office apps is an offline editor with no need for a network connection, but you can edit files on Drive etc if you want. It is essentially the full blown LibreOffice desktop app with different user interfaces (UI):

  • Smartphone has a simple UI with less options, it displays in high fidelity.
  • Tablets and Chromebooks: Almost the full blown desktop UI functionality, high fidelity.

Collabora Online is the web based Office suite, you need a network and a web browser to access it, highly functional this is almost the full blown desktop Libreoffice app. e.g. WYSIWYG with significantly more functionality than MS Office for the web.

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