Error PPTX Layout

I’m on
I have been told a problem when saving a PPTX document and wanting to come back to it, the layout is not kept.
Attached are 2 screenshots showing the difference.
In the first I am editing and I have my shapes with the corresponding arrows.
In the second, the shapes changed and my arrows disappeared.
Do you have an idea ?

Also when I open the About, the modal starts blinking.

Hi Jerome,
Not looking good at all.
Do you know if the same problem appears on desktop? I would expect ‘yes’, but…

Thank you for the answer.
I’m setting up a new lab with a different version of Nextcloud and the latest version of CODE too.
On the Desktop version I have no problem.

thnx for the answer.
I’ve just tested, and I see the same issue on desktop as well.
Both in Collabora Office and in LibreOffice

Created the slide in ODS, opened, saved as PPTX, reopened.
In Online, the error is visible immediately after SaveAs.

this is not reassuring, but at least I am not alone.

Hello, I tried with Code and it’s the same.
I think there is a problem elsewhere.

Thanks for testing, @jerome.
I did some more tests - it is specifically the rounded rectangle that gives the issue. And the source of the problem is in LibreOffice, which is part of the technology behind COOL - as you may know.
So you can work around it for now…
Then: strange the issue is there - there’s been a massive amount of improvements over the last years, often in cooperation with business relations…
I’ll look at TDF Bugzilla.

Thank you for your reply.
I’ll see if I have a problem with my coolwsd.xml file, you never know.
I thought I saw that the problem came from the arrows too, and even with other shapes.
I haven’t tested everything but every time there were arrows, they were messing up.

Hi Jerome,
I see something different - but: if you can share your (test) files, I’m happy to take a look.

I was able to do new tests again.
When I create a PPTX document from the desktop version the configuration remains.
On the other hand, when I create the PPTX document directly from the WOPI service and Collabora/Code, the first display is OK, after saving it changes.
I send you the 2 documents created:
TEST00.PPTX = From WOPI Online Service
TEST01.PPTX = From desktop app

test00.pptx (24.9 KB)
Test01.pptx (37.4 KB)

Do you see something ?

This can be reproduced in desktop LO 7.3 as well, here are the repro steps:

  • Create a new presentation,
  • Insert a rounded rectangle in the center by Ctrl-clicking the icon in the insert shapes dropdown,
  • Drag its right resize handle, and stretch it so it’s close to the edge of the slide,
  • Save as PPTX and reopen.

It was a regression in 7.3 (Collabora Online’s core branch is based on LO 7.3), and was only fixed in 7.4.

Causing commit: libreoffice/core - main, development code repository

Fixing commit: libreoffice/core - main, development code repository

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@bearon @cornouws


Thank you for your reply.
In my case we use it in Collabora/Code version on a Kubernetes cluster.
So my question is whether with the latest version of the Docker Collabora/Code image this problem is fixed?


It isn’t fixed, yet.

The bug should be fixed in CODE/Collabora Online 22.05.10-1 by the following backport:

The fix only prevents it from occurring from a good state, buggy presentations would have to be fixed manually.

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