What's the problem that we can't see the letters in pptx?

When the same file is opened with ppt and pptx, letters are not displayed only in pptx.
what is the problem? How can I fix?

Thanks @jungdahee for reporting it, could you please state what;s the version of Collabora Online that you are using and also the version of integrator (NC, oC, etc) you are using ? This might be a problem with mime type

Thanks to reply! We use CODE production. We installed “CODE-brand-21.11-15.noarch.rpm” and " CODE-centos8/collaboraoffice-21.06.17-1.x86_64.rpm".

Do you think that’ll help?

Thanks @jungdahee for the info, could you please paste here that pptx file (or part of it if it has sensitive info) and thus it happens with any pptx?

did you check the availability of all fonts? Try and reformat the pptx with other fonts.
Maybe you can even select-all in cool and change the font.
Had this with writer some time ago while I’ve been using Helvetica and this font has not been correctly installed on my lool server at that time.

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if we save the pptx file as a different name in ppt format, we can see it well.
but I can’t upload pptx file… because pptx file upload does not seem to be supported.
so we uploaded image files, please keep in mind.

original file with power point

original file with collabora

save as ppt format, with collabora


Sorry it seems the forum rules didn’t allow those file extensions. I have add them to the trusted file types. You can now upload your ppt or pptx

Probably @joergmschulz is correct here ^ (thanks for helping out :slight_smile: ) I think that is most likely the problem.

these are normally installed by default:

  • Caladea and Carlito , which are metric-compatible with Cambria and Calibri
  • Déja Vu
  • Emoji One
  • Gentium
  • Google Open Sans and PT Serif
  • Google Noto (full Unicode coverage)
  • Karla
  • Liberation Sans and Liberation Serif , which are metric-compatible with Arial and Times New Roman
  • Linux Libertine G
  • Source Code Pro and Source Sans Pro

source: Fonts — SDK https://sdk.collaboraonline.com/ documentation

But if you installed any other font after Collabora Online was installed on the server you should update systemplate . Or if that font is missing on the server side, just installed and then update systemplate

Still both in @joergmschulz 's case with helvetica and your @jungdahee case with that font I wonder why the text is not rendered. I think the expected behaviour would be to default to any other font so the text gets rendered. (specially if there are available fonts that support for that specific alphabet/language) :thinking:

This happens when the font in question is half-installed or when the wrong alias is set.

Try and install the missing fonts! I think I added the link to the howto of installing fonts in this thread?

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We already installed another fonts. but not work as expected…
and if it’s a font problem, shouldn’t the behavior match regardless of the extension?