Files only open in collabora when startet direct from Dashboard (App)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Nexctcloud on server 1
  2. Collabora Online Development Edition on server 2
  3. Collabora App in Nextcloud activated, URL server 2 inserted in >Administration>Collabora
  4. green dot appears, wenn “save” ist clicked
  5. when leaving Administration and coming back, the dot appers red

Expected behaviour

files schould open with collabora, from nextcloud directories

Actual behaviour

files only open with collabora, when opened from Nextcloud dashboard (app installed), then Collabora works fine and fast

Hi @peduso and sorry to hear that, could you please confirm if that still occurs and if so which versions of NC and CO are you using?


Nextcloud 20.0.1

Interesting, I have just tested with

  • Nextcloud 20.0.2
  • Nextcloud 20.0.4 (latest stable)

and it seems to work for me from the dashboards and also opening from files. Note: I utilized the docker images for testing this.