If Coolwsd.xml updated then 'Much Longer Pause' or 'Stop' is needed

If Coolwsd.xml is to be updated in an update package, then a much longer pause or a complete stop is needed in the update process. The most recent update package caused me the same problem as one a while back. I simply did not have time to read the options and act upon them. I would have chosen to see the differences (between the current and new file) and then decided.

Dear coders and devs, brilliant work thanks but please at least double the pause time or actually make the update stop till an option is chosen (2nd option maybe not feasible if catering for unattended I guess?) I’m not the quickest guy but equally not that much of a slouch either; there really isn’t enough time unless you already know what the options are and what you want to do, honest!

Apologies if I have chosen the wrong category, wasn’t sure if it was an Installation or Developers thing.