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Hello ,
We Begin to use Collabora for Moodle site and we need information on the limits to the version CODE of the plugin.
If he has a limit to document use or to document open.
If he have a limit to user connect to the same document.

Thanks for the answer

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Hi and welcome @cbarneron : )

There is virtually no limit. I say virtually because technically we needed to put a number there but that’s why it’s 1 million of concurrent connections and open documents. Also some limits can be configured right from the xml itself <limit (plus connections timeout settings etc in the case you are interested in those.

Oh and I don’t know if you are aware but in our last COOL Days conference Ash did a talk on Moddle integration :slight_smile: it might be useful: slides/Ash-CoolDays-2021-Dev-Moodle-Integration.pdf at main · CollaboraOnline/slides · GitHub

Of course, every case is different so, you might have specific requirements or different edge case. If you want to deploy Collabora and you are an educational institution or a NGO, please, contact us to discuss details or receive an offer straight away. We offer a special price for educational institutions and NGOs :heart:Collabora Online for Education - Collabora Office and Collabora Online


Hey thanks for you’re answer,
Is it the same for the plugin to integrate into the moodle site?
Dont found the XML file and the limit.
Thanks for the future answer

By the XML file @pedro.silva meant the configuration file /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml.
I’m not sure I understood your question, but there’s no limit in the plugin.

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With Moodle we have a plugin : .
but if don’t have limit with the moodle plugin .
thanks for you’re answer .

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