Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #61

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #61

Date: Feb 24 2022

Next meeting: 03/03/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Ezinne, Thorsten, Nicolas Christener (Adfinis), Alexandru,
    Szymon, Mert, Michael, Kendy, Gokay, Gabriel, Andreas K

Infobar updates

  • welcome dialog: last release went ok - the welcome dialog looking good
    • Still on going work (by Gokay now and I try to help)
  • infobar around still (for admins): last release went ok, it looked fine
    • Still on going work (by Gokay now)


  • Interest on building for Android
    • problem with translations (gerrit? Repository), I couldn’t reproduce
    • had this problem (Szymon)
      • thought git doing nothing, opened the folder – cloned repo himself.
      • Same as for core repo – after pull this repo – go back to main repo – it works.
      • Perhaps submodule failing ? (Michael)
    • Would be ideal if users could install a lang-pack for XYZ language (Michael)
      • have a plan for it – Mert started implementing it (Kendy)
      • not very easy to do (Mert)
        • cannot put folders into the assets/ as we want.
        • It requires some hacks – called onto other tasks.
  • we have two-to-three regulars kindly helping out:
    • many thanks to: tullsta, rpear, joergmschulz, MVZ-LRA
  • Cool to see interesting discussions generating new reproducible issues on GH. E.g: Calc does not save zoom level neither view position:
  • Interest on SDK, admin and moodle; also more requests for help around those

Community pages updates

  • Collabora Online - Community Page
    • build instructions improved (and fixed some details)
    • improving mobile build bits to make things easier for GSOC’ers
  • Also updated GSoC Ideas Pages (more pointers added, images, and submitted)
    • already interest in one or two ideas here.

GitHub activity:

  • New contributors
  • New issues:
    • Univention-App-collabora-nextcloud-virtualbox doesn’t work
      • Ezinne to look at it.
    • Group download actions as an option
      • looks good (Pedro)
      • For export we have nothing (Andreas)
      • could have alternative “export as PDF” to cloud storage (Michael)
        • with save-as done according to extension (Kendy)
          • perhaps better done on the integration.
        • Instead of iframe to download file – can issue post-message to Save-As (Alexandru)
      • LOK has a ‘Save-As’ – it handles this (Kendy)
        • has to be transparent – times for conversion of files,
          • no user-interaction possible.
        • could have Save-as that could tunnel the dialog with PDF options
        • not only a post-message.
    • GM: Saving file through local storage is not working properly: Saving file through local storage is not working properly · Issue #4232 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
      • filed, but after investigating – found already did that (Gabriel)
        • discussions with Ash, comments in there – conclusion: from Ash,
          not to fix it – issue in deprecated code etc. closed it.
        • Since we discussed: maybe code is used on iOS or something
          maybe a good idea to fix it – filed the ticket.
        • Not a fan of things like this lurking (Michael)
          • if we can fix it – great.
        • Already advanced at investigating this
          • great to have detail in the ticket (Michael)

Nextcloud bits (Pedro)

  • Quick update:
    • lots of work around Nextcloud Office
    • Notebookbar too – thanks to work with Andreas K
  • Office.vue problem
  • es-419 locales … (Michael)
    • worked around boost / gettext – and fixes in LibreOffice core too.
  • Creating new documents from template (Pedro)
    • can reproduce in built-in docker image, Julius thinks he understands, is the solution easy though

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Notebookbar keeps getting improved
  • Improvements around Document header
  • Fix weird borders going on affecting mobile
  • New icon created and added to the document (writer) accessibility check, feature being worked/exposed by Nick : )
  • New lang dropdown available from within the tab
    • styles added and fixed
    • Szymon thanks for the JS bits
  • Thinks getting to finish of notebookbar with Nextcloud (Andreas K)
  • CSS vars colorsheet.css (Andreas K)
    • should we make some guidelines there.
    • can we put that as comments in the CSS itself ? (Michael)
      • agreed (Pedro)
        • do a ping in the forum to link to this.
      • Lets add a ptr to the SDK too (Kendy)
  • Other bits applying border radius consistently in many elements
    • have some dialogs with huge rounded corners – need to fix.
  • Some NB tabs’ content / order of importance need to be fixed

Migrating complex dialogs to jsdialog ? (Michael)

  • simple dialogs – should all work (Szymon)
    • complex dialogs – did progress – may be things that don’t work
    • if have special actions like context menu on right-click
    • almost supported.
  • Can start to test format→character and format→paragraph etc.
    • was looking good when tested.
  • Prolly should start testing these in the next CODE releases (Michael)
  • Some simple dialogs like ‘columns’ are still tunneled (Pedro)
    • AI: ask Cor to come up with a list here (Pedro)
  • Starting to make variables used in the dialogs (Andreas K)
    • most dialogs are tunnelled – plans to have them as JS
    • looks strange in the CSS – have to do a lot of work for each dialog
    • goal is not to have lots of CSS per dialog (Michael)
  • Mix of Vex, native, jsdialogs (Pedro)
    • write a wrapper for jsdialogs to look like vex (Szymon)
      • would love to kill Vex (Michael)

Other ongoing work (Gokay)

  • Next CODE release March 17th
  • Still working on perfecting async-save
  • Lots of polishing ongoing …
  • Remote configuration work – JSON to fetch (Rashesh)
    • nearly merged.
    • Looks good, next step – sort out aliasing problem,
      • Rash has this in his setup & working on it.
  • Fixed text-box content saving (Szymon)
  • will continue with RTL.

1&1 bits (Gabriel)

  • Finished testing – end-result app is stable, looks nice, works nicely
    • found some issues – none are critical.
    • Will proceed to upgrade to 21.11
  • Have a list of issues to go through
  • Alexandru
    • pushing some pull requests, some were accepted
    • two in review currently.
      • one download-as
      • another in the pipeline – and done with the document we discussed
    • after this – work on upgrading to 21.11
    • cherry-picking pull-requests into this version (?)


Commit Access

  • Nick Wingate → give him access

Easy bug(s) (Pedro)

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