Installation of Collabora Online Server on dedicated Server

First of all, am so glad to find this forum to ask my question.
I am trying to install and set up collabora online server to use it on nextcloud. I followed a documentation from here to install collabora online server on my dedicated server (Using Fedora Server).
Things I have done so far:

  1. Installed packages using this: sudo dnf install coolwsd CODE-brand
  2. Set server name and set SSL to false in config file ( /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml)

I read this sentence from the doc:

The default configuration is looking for an SSL certificate and key, which are not present, so probably it’s the best to disable SSL, and optionally enable SSL termination, then set up the reverse proxy.

Therefore, I disable SSL in SSL enable section of the config, and set termination of SSL to true. And I set server name to, since I am going to use IP address of the server I don’t know why setting this one is important.

So, this what I have done so far. I have two questions regarding the next step setting up reverse proxy as the above paragaraph suggests.

  1. On the documentation of setting reverse proxy it is assumed that apache server is running alongside with collabora online server, but in my case, I am using a dedicated server therefore there is no web server currently running on that machine, therefore how do I configure a reverse proxy?
  2. do I need to use the server name I used in the setting to input into nextcloud setting? or I can use IP address of that server

Thank you so much.