Not sure how to configure the environment to make collabora work with Nextcloud


Been reading a lot online regarding setting it up, but cant figure out what the correct solution/steps are. Hopefully someone can point this out to me as its all very new to me.

I am using the following guide (, not sure what part of the nginx step to fit into my particular environment or if this guide is at all suitable for this environment.

Nextcloud and Nginx (reverse proxy) are installed on their own VMs (Ubuntu server) machines and Nextcloud has been running for a while like this without issues.

Now I like to install Collabora so I Created a new VM (Ubuntu server) that will be used to run Collabora. Installed the docker onto it and performed the suggested step: [docker run -t -d -p 9980:9980 -e “” --cap-add MKNOD collabora/code]

Now I am getting to the next step in the guide, which suggests to configuration nginx server. Not sure now what to do and where to make the changes in my particular environment.

Do I add this suggested nginx config code into the nextcloud.conf file on the nginx server? Or do I need to create a new nginx server (collabora.config)? Do I only use a particular section of this code for my particular environment?

Hope someone can give some guidance.

Thanks for your assistance.

I would recommend installing the native linux version of Collabora CODE. They have a guide walking you through the install including setting up an NGINX reverse proxy.