Installing from deb repo & using python scripts


I’m running ubuntu 20.04.

Previously I started playing around with Collabora Build Collabora Online | Collabora Online - Community Page all was fine & dandy with “make run”

The instructions inform you to download core-cp-6.4-assets.tar.gz and in that there was the folder instdir/share/Scripts/python and also instdir/program/python/

I had written a few python scripts and placed them in instdir/share/Scripts/python and was able to run them by clicking on a button on the web page by sending a message to the iframe.

I’ve installed Collabora using these instructions Setting up and configuring native CODE packages on Linux - Collabora Office and Collabora Online because I wanted it to start automatically on boot without having to run make run

As near as I can tell assets from the tgz are installed in /opt/collaboraoffice6.4/ however there is no program/python folder or share/Scripts/python

tldr; I installed from the ubuntu repo how do I run python scripts now?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

{Have you tried / Can you try} installing related packages like collaboraofficebasis6.4-python-script-provider and collaboraofficebasis6.4-pyuno ?