Ipad Collabora Office Docs Hang after trying to Rename and Save

After creating a new document on ipad from File to Rename, the Saving box appears and hangs there. I force close the app and reopen and the changes to slides I made are saved, but the rename is not done, still original name. On Impress I have to force close as the box never disappeared. On Text it does but the name change doesn’t occur.

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Without having tested this in a structural way (new/occasional iPad user), I experienced that a first save or rename takes extremely long and saving afterwards goes instantly.
May that be the case on your side too?

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If by extremely long you mean more than 10 minutes, maybe. I never got it to work and gave up after 10 minutes. That’s not reasonable at all. Should be 1 second.

Oh sure, this is absolutely a bug!

Doing some testing today (rather new with an iPad*) I see no issues in creating, saving and then again editing.
Might there be an issue depending on the location where one tries to save?

  • my iPad (6th ge., iOs 17.3.1)
    COOLWSD git hash c36099e3
    LOKit git hash d338aee
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If you go to File, Rename immediately after creating a new document, that’s the 1st scenario.

And on iphone the only option under File, at least on a new document is Print. It auto saves with a generic blank name?

Is there a dev team for these apps?

Did some more testing on this bug trying to save to my ipad rather than a network drive and the same behavior is present. File-Rename always hangs forever regardless of whether I do that as a first step or if I put a title in the default 1st slide, File-Save and then File-Rename. Presentations are a non-starter on ipad air 3 running latest version of ios. iPhone is not much better as there is now a File-Save option but no SaveAS (recently only Print was available), But still unusable because the Edit menu option is too high on the screen up where the time is displayed on the iphone. There doesn’t appear to be any meaningful testing for these apps which gives me zero confidence in committing to create and store my documents with them. Please do better!

can you pls share the information as I did in comment 5?

I’m not sure which comment 5 is, but I don’t get to the point where I can even select a location. All stop after hitting File—Rename or File-Save. Just hangs.

Sorry: this comment

That’s what I thought and like I said, I don’t get to the point of being able to save to a location. Hangs before that step after clicking Save.

Hey @FrameMaker,

Would be helpful to get your exact version info, like cornouws mentioned…

After you launch the “Collabora Office” app, I believe it can be found under:

  • Three-Line Menu > About

Also helpful would be:

  • Your exact device + iOS version too.
    • iPad Air 3 + which version of iOS?

Hmmm, strange. On Android, all I have under “File” is 3 things:

  • Save
  • Print
  • Properties

No “Rename” option.

Q1. Can you show a screenshot of the what the menus look like for you on iOS?

Q2. And on iOS freezing after trying to rename… hmmm… I wonder if it’s an iOS permissions issue?

If you go to your Apple permissions:

Are there any there for Collabora + are any permissions being denied?

Q3. Are you trying to use any weird/special characters in your filenames?

(I recently came across a very odd rename bug that only happened when I put a bracket ] right before the period in .odt! It worked fine everywhere else, but that very specific character in that very specific spot caused chaos…)

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