Loading Collabora Office at sturtup Windows and new document from shell

I bought two copies of Collabora Office 22.05.8 from the Windows store but I can’t solve two problems (which did not occur with Libreoffice).

  1. Collabora Office, despite setting the program to start when Windows starts, does NOT load/open until I open a document.
  2. With Libreoffice, with the right mouse button on any document (Writer for example) I could choose in the context menu to open a new file of the same document. With Collaborate, the option does not appear.
    How can I fix it? Am I doing something wrong?
    This happens eighterboth Windows 10 and 11.
    Many thanks in advance!

For the 1. question: I also checked the “load at system startup” flag in the options, but it doesn’t work.

I specify that in the Windows system Collabora appears to start with the start of the system, but the “QuickStart” icon does not appear in the bar on the right.
I find it very convenient to open new documents with the right button.

I did some research on internet and maybe I figured out why it doesn’t load on startup.
Being an installation from the Microsoft store, the Collabora startup file does not have a real path with a defined folder and therefore cannot be included in the files to be started automatically when Windows starts. well… How can it be done?

Maybe for the same reason opening the new document from an existing one doesn’t work either…

I’m writing and answering alone to myself… :sweat_smile:

Nessun suggerimento?

But does it make sense to write here?
Do I have to write elsewhere for me to get an answer or suggestion?

I hope for a solution in the new version of collabora office… :wink:
hope it will come soon…