MacOS and Safari compatibility issues with 21.06.27-1 vs 21.06.26-1 aka coolwsd

I’ve been using Collabora office CODE on NextCloud on my Debian 11 server to help manage the process of resolving my Mom’s estate and sharing with my family that is distributed across Canada and we’ve been pleased up till now.

The recent upgrade to 21.06.27-1 looks fine on my Ubuntu with both Chrome and Firefox, but for my sisters Mac using Safari the window does not show the bottom correctly and thus makes it impossible to see the Sheet selection interface. It looks like the window sizing is not properly taking the Dock into account. This makes those sheets inaccessible…
I’m a programmer/IT kinda guy, but this is my first post here and dealing with anything more than setup, so it’s possible I’ve missed resources available.

  1. Is there a fix for that? I don’t see anything here on the forum or in Git

  2. I tried reverting to the previous version but apt for CODE only seems to have the one repository ( Index of /repos/CollaboraOnline/CODE-debian11 ) is there a seperate repo for previous releases that I could pull from in order to revert, as that one only seems to have the current version available aka 21.06.27.

  3. Is there any way to move the sheet selection control to any of the other edges, or any other ways to toggle between sheets? I’ve tried looking through and Alt PageUp does not work for me…

Indeed, can confirm this.
Additionally, the scrollbars look interesting: they don’t have their own white background but overlay the cells directly.


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if you need to revert to an old image, write something like

image: collabora/code:

into your docker-compose.yml file

Thanks but I’m not using a docker instance so that approach is not feasible for me currently.

There was an issue with the branding, this should be fixed with the next CODE update.

Thanks, is there a particular version this is tied to, or the next release past 21.06.28 ?

@Gandalfthegreybeard the fix should be already in on the latest 21.11.4, so:

meanwhile and if it’s no feasible for you to update it. Here is a quick/temporary “fix” you can set <use_integration_theme> to false in the coolwsd.xml

indeed. This seems to be fixed in the current CODE.