Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #58

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #58

Date: Feb 03, 2022

Next meeting: 10/02/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Gabriel, Cor, Andras, Michael, Pedro, Ezinne, Gokay

Welcome breakage

  • odd behaviour of welcome screen – Kendy filing a ticket.

Community update (Pedro)

GitHub activity:

Forum activity:

  • Reports of Office.vue problem: Office.vue:198 FAILED
    • It seems Pedro and Gokay experienced similar, we already discussed this with nextclouders
  • Asks for examples of how to create plugins
    • similar SDK docs needed for plugins.
  • Richdocuments Pr (from Henry) got merged → for the infobar
    • Julius was mentioning that maybe we could somehow link to the NC settings
      • They have a panel / area re: updates …
  • Problems creating new documents from custom ott template
    • patches merged to richdocuments.

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Improvemetns re: status bar
  • CSS vars wins from Andreas K
  • notebookbar – new ‘view’ tab.
  • Fix Basic shapes regression
  • Rename old loleaflet stuff

What we’re up to (Szymon)

  • Optimized image operations – especially rotation
    • should be much faster.
    • Improving the UX for this when network is slower
  • Some clipboard problem in co-2021 around impress clipboard problems
    • Szymon’s patch fixes that.
  • RTL – style preview fixing work todo
  • Working on improvements from master-slides (Pranam)
    • to handle this better.

Schedule & update (Andras)

  • Release next 21.11 update 3rd week of Feb
    • will release CODE a week before.

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • Recovering from vacation.
  • People trying to open CSV with COOL + Nextcloud (Pedro)
    • all agreed – default should be COOL if it is present.
    • Small problem: their mime-type API not designed for two options for the same thing.
    • Perhaps can always open in one option – but expose ‘open with COOL’ in there as a button.
    • More important for PDFs
      • reports of people, don’t know you can annotate your PDFs in COOL.
      • Have a button for it.
  • Maintenance release of richdocuments with template fixes soon
    • ?
  • Looking at the notebookbar design
    • ongoing work – merging more pieces this week.
    • Goal – soon after FOSDEM hope to have fewer components, and a more minimal design.
      • Lots of people switching to notebookbar on NC
        • see it by screenshots of reporting.
    • Need focus on this.


1&1 bits (Gabriel)

  • Performed collaborative editing test for 5 → 8 people for an nour
    • general results: app looks far better than previous versions
    • no crashes experienced, no critical issue
    • perhaps didn’t press the right button; but tested collaborative editing
    • like the new version.
    • Decided to focus on 21.11 rather than 6.4
  • Started to evaluate 21.11 application:
    • testing in single user mode types of documents
    • schedule is different – session spans to end of next week.
  • Did find some important issues:
    • annoying – open a new page in a text document – takes 1 minute in collaborative editing: put cursor on last line of the last page, and press – ‘enter’
      • really bad (Michael)
      • deleted all the content, shrinked to 1 page – after that, no new pages.
    • Can you reproduce & work out what is going on (Michael)
      • file a ticket – and give some simple steps …
    • Saving:
      • seems after the 1st save – any modifications not saved
        • to confirm this …
      • Ash is wrestling ‘’Save’ heavily in master (Michael)
        • poke Ash fast, and file ASAP …
      • Will test with the latest builds (Gabriel)
        • expectation – if bug is confirmed.
  • Alex’s side – not able to join today:
  • Evaluation was really positive of 21.11

GSOC (Michael)

  • Easy-projects for new people need filing … tag them in tickets ?
  • Ideal project: has two mentors …
    • takes some months for an intern.
    • Is not mission critical – but nice-to-have
      • eg. Dark Mode
    • Android’y / mobile UX stuff particularly.
    • Navigator in Writer → exposing that ? (Cor)
      • might not be too hard.
      • Can file the ticket (Szymon)
        • key is making it work in mobile too …
        • AI: need a “easyproject” tag or somesuch (Pedro)
    • Previews of fonts in various boxes (Szymon)
      • requires an extension of JSDialogs in the font-list-box …
    • AI: chase Mert & Kendy for mobile ideas (Gokay)

Easy bug(s) (Pedro)

  • Szymon created two easy-hacks.

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