Mail merge in collabora

Hi there,
I’m currently using only office on nextcloud and I considering to switch to collabora.
Now I try to get an idea of the functionality af collabora and I can’t find how to ‘mail merge’, at least this is how it is called in only office. What I’m looking for is a function to merge data from an .xls into a .doc. e.g. to use the same letter text for a different address. Can anybody help me with the information if this functionality is available in collabora? Right now I couldn’t find it.
Thank you

Hi Mat, I am a user, I believe that currently you use the desktop client for Windows, macOS or Linux for mail merge. LibreOffice will do it if you don’t have Collabora Office installed.

Otherwise functionality in Collabora Online is much greater than any other online suite I have tested such as MSO for the web and Google Docs. The TDF web site has an incomplete comparison between ms for the web and Collabora Online. Also Collabora’s website has an article comparing it to only office (I believe this was created because only office article has a comparison document on their website that is very inaccurate and/or many years out of date).


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