Collabora Online Server / Accessing without Nextcloud/Owncloud

this is a very beginner question. I am lacking some basic infomation on how collabora is intended to work.
We need a way to edit on-premise ods-files. In order to do so I’ve installed a nextcloud/ubuntu server with code (latest version).
I’ve read that the nextcloud integrated CODE is slow and a CODE-server would be preferable.

In our environment, CODE ist the only reason that we have set up the nextcloud-server.
Can the CODE/COOL-server be accessed directly. i.e. can documents be edited on the server without a nextcloud installation?

I hope that this will reduce complexity and accelerated the system.

Could anyone point me to
-documentation / installation manuals
-professional consulting or installation services?

Thanks a lot


Hi Martin,

I am a beginner too, but I think I have come to understand that Collabora Online is the back-end, not Nextcloud/Owncloud etc.

Logically, and from the website I had thought there was a Collabora Online WebUI which connected to Nextcloud/Owncloud as a storage back-end and otherwise had little to do with it. This is not the case, it seems!

It’s the other way around; you use the Owncloud/Nextcloud WebUI to browse files (or create a new one), and the integration loads the file into the Collabora back-end for editing, which is shown in a frame that’s integrated into the WebUI for either Nextcloud/Owncloud.

So in short, no.

If you want to use Collabora without Nextcloud/Owncloud/Existing integration, you will need to write a custom WebUI/integration to your storage.

Hi Tom,

thanks a lot for your helpful explanations. I don’t intend to write my own front end. J


Hi Martin,

I have followed Collabora Office and Online with interest for a while now, they comprise of many of the LibreOffice developers. I know they would be happy to provide you with professional consulting or installation services, you could go to their web page and ask, see link below.

Alternatively you could subscribe from NextCloud, I believe part of the revenue goes on to Collabora as well.

Hope this helps, Rob