Question About Display Options/Settings On Android Device

I’m trying to display a multi slide .odp document on a largish screen Android device and it’s working for the most part except for one thing, when I hit the start slide show button (play arrow) the slides flip 45 degrees and can only be viewed with the device held horizontally (which makes everything smaller and hard to read.)

When I open the presentation initially the orientation is fine and I’ve tried changing the slide orientation to landscape but that not only smooshes the slide contents into something unreadable and doesn’t even change the orientation in slide show mode.

Is there a setting either in Android app or the original document that I could change to keep the slides’ orientation from changing?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

Hi uncledirtnap, this article called Orientation lock on Android may help.

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Gave it a try and didn’t help. Once I hit play on the slide show it flips the slides 45 degrees.

Thanks for the try and effort though.

When you say 45 degrees, do you mean 90 ? =) Seems like an OS feature might help here, but perhaps we want a magic button to try to defeat that too - unclear.

Doh, yeah I meant 90. The slides in the document are laid out so when I open it on a mobile device like a phone they display vertically like I’m holding the phone. Click the play button and the top of the slides turn to the 3 o’clock position and I need to turn the device horizontally to read them.

Hey @uncledirtnap. Thanks for the question and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, so if I understand you correctly. You are:

  1. Creating an ODP that is “Portrait”.
  2. You press the “Fullscreen Presentation” button.
  3. Collabora Impress is flipping you Landscape/“Horizontal”.

And you want Collabora Impress to:

  • Stay “Portrait”.
  • And/or follow the Android OS’s Rotation settings.
    • Rotating phone landscape = horizontal slides.
    • Rotating phone portrait = vertical slides.

And, if I’m reading this correctly… I think the root cause might be… letting Impress’s:

  • “Fullscreen Presentation” mode follow Android’s/iOS’s rotation setting

I think that would be a huge step in the right direction. :slight_smile:

I tested a basic ODP on:

  • Android + Collabora app

and it looks like right after you:

  • Hit the “Fullscreen Presentation” button.

Collabora forces Landscape mode no matter what (even if Android’s “Auto-Rotate” is disabled or locked to “Portrait”).

Rotating my phone counterclockwise:

  • 0 + 180 (vertical) did nothing.
  • 90 + 270 (horizontal)
    • 90 (Left) = the default orientation
    • 270 (Right) = flipped it so slides were right-side up.

Hmmm… Can you share/attach a sample ODP?

There are differences between:

  1. An “actual Portrait” presentation.


  1. A presentation that just happens to have dimensions that “LOOK like it’s Portrait”.

For example, in LibreOffice 24.2:

There is an Orientation setting which can be:

  • Portrait
  • Landscape

So let’s say you had a 16"x9" slide. You could have:

  • 16″×9″ Landscape
  • 9″×16″ Portrait

or, you manually changed the dimensions to:

  • 9″×16″, but underneath, you’re actually telling Impress it’s “Landscape”.

(I don’t believe Collabora Impress on Android gives you access to that “Orientation” setting. At least I couldn’t quickly find it while poking around.)

So I checked the setting and indeed it was set to landscape, though somewhere else in the settings I had previously found portrait/landscape settings and changed it to see if it made a difference and it didn’t.

So I changed the setting to portrait in the side bar as you described and it didn’t make a difference. I then changed the auto-rotation setting, no joy. I’ve tried combinations of landscape/portrait & auto-rotation settings and all do the same thing; turns the slide 90 degrees and won’t change orientation.

I tried to attach two versions of the document I’ve been testing with, but the site won’t allow me as I’m to new a user.

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  • Do you have a Github account?
  • Could you submit this issue to the “Collabora Online” Github page?
    • In the Github editor, I think you can also drag/drop ODP files to link/share them.

If not, that’s okay. Just let me know and then I can submit one on your behalf. :slight_smile:

I mentioned this Android+Impress rotation issue during last week’s COOL “Community Weekly Meeting”, so devs are now aware of the issue, but getting it up and on the Github will make sure this feature request doesn’t get lost. :slight_smile: