The issue of LibreOffice Impress freezing and automatically refreshing during collaborative editing

I found that when multiple people collaboratively edit the same slide in LibreOffice Impress, it often freezes and automatically refreshes. The frequency is very high. I tested several versions and they all have the same issue.

Chrome Version:125.0.6422.113
collabora/code docker image version:

Oooh - that is interesting; it sounds like you experience a crash; can you see if there is a backtrace in the logs. Also - before doing that - it would probably be best to upgrade to CODE 24.04 to get the latest & greatest code. Thanks!

The new version still doesn’t work, all versions should have this issue. The collaborative editing in Impress may have problems.

@mnhy520 Could you share the steps, and possibly a sample presentation (if it matters, and starting from an empty one isn’t enough)?

This has nothing to do with the test document, it’s just that the implementation of collaborative editing has issues. Any PowerPoint (pptx format) document can be used for testing. If 3 people edit a slide simultaneously, insert a shape and quickly enter content, or drag the shape, etc., it’s very easy for it to freeze or reload. You can test it yourself and you’ll know.