Reverse Proxy + Collabora. Help

Goodnight everybody!

First, congratulations on the project; it is amazing.

I have installed collabora on a server in my house (debian 10 and apache2) and only for home use.

There is a “reverse proxy” on the web server, which must redirect to the collabora server in a nextcloud.

If I open a port (for example 4443) from the router it works without problem. I have set up it in option 2 of the guide (Setting up Apache 2 reverse proxy - Collabora Office and Collabora Online).

But I only want to have port 443 open, which goes to the “reverse proxy” and it redirects to 4443 where is collabora server.

I can’t get it to work, and I don’t know if it’s my clumsiness setting up the “reverse proxy” or setting up “loolwsd.xml”

Hello @raul.medina here i described the same problem - until now with solution :frowning:.

May be setting up the apache2 to listen on port 4443 instead of 443 could work, but i didn’t tried it.
But on the thread above there is also the port 9980 remarked to be open through the firewall may be some rerouting are additionally required (as you pointed out on your question).

I have no picture how the communication works between NC and Colabora and i did not find any :thinking: - so if you find a solution, please give me a hint :slight_smile: - many thanks.