Collabora behind Firewall with (different port forwording) did not work

sorry if i create a new topic if there is a solution for this, but i did not find an answer to my problem.

I setup Nextcloud with ‘Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server (ARM64)’ and ‘Collabora Online’ installed.
The setting works if i use the ‘internal’ domainname of the server ‘https: // /’ as login to Nextcloud (sorry german language).
‘Collabora Online Server ist erreichbar.’ (englich → ‘Collabora Online-Server is reachable.’)
(and ‘Use the buildin CODE - Collabora Online Development Eddition’)

I create a firewall entry on my FritzBox from extern port 8443 to the intern port 443.
Login to Nextcloud on https: // / works as expected, but access to Collabora did not work - i see this error on ‘Collabora Online’ configuration.
‘Es konnte keine Verbindung zum Collabora Online-Server hergestellt werden.’ (-> english ‘connection to Collabora Online-Server could not be established’)

Also using ‘use your own server’ did not work.
Not using the internal URL neither using the external URL (with port 8443) :thinking:.

Where do i have to change the configuration to enable access also if i use the external domainname?
Or where did i get more log information about the problem?

I don’t understand how the process routing goes between Nextcloud and Collabora :roll_eyes:.
So any help is appreciate :-). Many thanks

Hi @gabs5807 !
I’m not sure if I understand your problem or how you have NC + CO setup but:

I see you are using the builtin CODE. It should work. Can you please check that the port :9980 (where Collabora needs to be accessed internally) is not blocked by the firewall?

Hope that helps

Hello @pedro.silva ,
sorry if the discription is not clear :nerd_face:.

I installed NC and CO both on the same system (debian bullseye on a RockPro64 - arm64).

The access to CO via NC work if i login directly from the local network (intranet).
From internet the CO access did not work when i login to NC.
All other access on NC (e.g. contact, calendar, …) work from intranet and internet.

The firewall (a FritzBox) is configured to route the port 8443 (from internet) to 443 (on intranet - my RockPro64).

On local network (intranet) i use the URL https: //rp64.intranet.domain/ (so i use the direct access to NC is on port 443).
And from internet i have to use the the URL https: //rp64.internet.domain:8443/ to get access to NC and the firewall remap the URL and the port.

The access to NC works on both ways, but to CO only the access via https: //rp64.intranet.domain/ works.

I did not know if the client (e.g. my laptop) needs ‘direct access’ to the CO (and the port 9980) or is all access from the client to CO routed through the NC URL and port?

Many thanks